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  • How to construct a sinking ship and a sinking ship on fire.

    The first stage of this project was some more research.
    I had used a blinking light for my first three Decker on fire and was unsatisfied with the rate of flashing being too fast.

    I also needed something smaller for a 74 and a Frigate.

    Hence I turned to some flashing Led earrings. here you can see the difference in scale even with the lug cut off the large Led.

    I next de mast a 74 and grind off the bottom.


    The next stage was to find some perspex and paint the edges blue to match my table mat.

    Thais was to avoid the stark white edge effect seen here.

    Sails were sorted and distressed with craft knife and drill.

    Trial fitting came next.

    Once that was done the hole for the base of the ear ring could be drilled progressively with a series of small drills and then finally opened up with a 7mm drill.

    Tomorrow I will refit the masts.

    Here is the light in situ being tested for fit.

    Knowing it fits, we can remove it ready for the next job.

    Glue the sails back in place and then the ships hull to the base ensuring that you can get the light in and out easily.

    Insert the light and test again. At this point I bent the stem of the light over at 90 degrees to get it nearer to the deck.

    Now add the toy filling and you have your ship on fire.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: How to construct a sinking ship and a sinking ship on fire. started by Bligh View original post
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. TexaS's Avatar
      TexaS -
      I would recommend looking into Grimlight.


      Yes, I'm a backer.
    1. Bligh's Avatar
      Bligh -
      Now those are impressive Jonas.
      I may have a closer look tomorrow.
    1. The Mad Scot's Avatar
      The Mad Scot -
      What did you use to cut the perspex with? The edges are really nice and smooth.
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