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  1. Expanded Winds Speeds

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    Here are my modified Wind Rules for a wider range of wind, and rules for allowing a ship to move at a slower speed. In the instructions, you may notice mention of the "Spilling Wind" box. This is a box I have added between Backing Sails and Struck Sails on my mats.

    Wind Rules for the Anchorage.pdf

    Here is my expanded Wind Gauge:

    Wind Table - Ocean.pdf

    Wind Table - Coastal.pdf

    Wind Table - Flukey.pdf

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    I'am looking for gamers in Madrid or sourrandings. I'am playing following Langton's wargame rules.

  3. A Ship’s Turn - How to model the turning characteristics

    [Analogy to a Car]
    An object changes direction due to external forces acting upon it. A car for example changes direction because of the interactions at the contact patch of the tire and road surface. When a slip angle is introduced between the tire direction and facing a force is generated which changes the path of the car. This slip angle is initiated in the front tires via the steering wheel. As a secondary reaction the car yaws causing the rear tires to also generate a slip angle ...
  4. Movement Card Boxes - Part 1

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    Card Box A.pdf
    Card Box B.pdf
    Card Box C.pdf
    Card Box D.pdf

    Someone a few months back came up with the idea of boxes to keep the movement cards in. It seemed like a good idea, and I thought I'd share my variation. These are boxes for the 1st Wave ships. As a PDF, these should print out to the right size. I made them a little oversize, since my cards are all in sleeves. I print them on the heaviest card stock my printer can

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  5. Sailing Mechanics Modeling Part 2 - Forces of the Sails

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    This is my 3rd blog in a series about computer modeling an 18th century ship for support of the world sailing mode of a game currently in development. I've covered hull resistances and now I am going over how I plan to model the sails. What I've learned about sails is from my reading of resources online and a few nuggets of info collected from several books. In fact I've only being on on a sailing ship once some 25 years ago in ...

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