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  1. Scratch building HMS Leopard, Part 3

    Hull Construction
    I started by choosing a couple of points that I could precisely locate that also passed through all of the decks I am using for reference.

    The purpose? To align the decks correctly, one above the next.

    Points chosen, I used a basic hat pin to pierce each deck in the correct location. You'll see that I have a lump of modeling clay underneath my deck shape. This supports the card stock shape and makes it much easier to push the pin through ...
  2. Scratch Building HMS Leopard Part 7

    Rewind and Take Two on the Nelson Chequer and Stepping the Main Mast

    Another busy day, not much time for model work. But I managed to do a little here and there throughout the day (between spurts of real work).

    I decided that I didn't like the hand painted gun ports. So, I painted back over them with the yellow paint.

    I also added some white to the stern area of the ship where the windows will be applied. The reason for the white is that I am using ...

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  3. AAR Après la tempête, Action of 20 march 1798, off Diamond Point

    The small British squadron, consisting of HMS Victory, HMS Superb and HMS Indefatigable, led by Admiral Croft, had been blown off station by hard weather, but the squadron had had time to prepare with hatch covers secured and top-gallant masts taken down on deck well before the high winds struck. As the winds had lessened considerately, the squadron, almost untouched, returned to their station against the wind, tack upon tack, with their masts restored.

    Admiral Croft's dinners were ...