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  1. First Game

    Well, when I finally got all the counters, ships, cards arranged on a 4 ft by 4ft table, that left about a 3 ft by 3ft play area. My dining room table was built in 1905 by the Robbins extending table Co of Ososso, Michigan. The reason I include that info is the the table can actually extend up to 12 ft long! As my ships raced before the wind crossed each other's "T", I simply kept adding leaves. I'm not crazy about the rule that says if you leave the area of the board, it's game over. ...
  2. First unboxing.

    Here is a personal account of what a newbie goes through when he/she decides to take the plunge and decide to invest in SOG:

    I was at my local gaming store. The owner showed me a whole bunch of products including Wings of Glory and Sails of Glory. I told him that I would have to research those games as they seemed kind of pricey for a few nicely made plastic miniatures and cardboard counters. I went online and researched WOG. Lovely plastic models, crappy unrealistic rules, even in ...
  3. Favourite ship type basic game/series I

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    I'd like the Temeraire more if we could figure out how to cook the stats for monster HMS Belleisle... :) (Seriously, we're talking a 74 with a heavier broadside than HMS Victory IIRC!)
    Couldn't agree more. We have to figure out stats for Belleisle.
  4. Scratch Building HMS Leopard Part 7

    Rewind and Take Two on the Nelson Chequer and Stepping the Main Mast

    Another busy day, not much time for model work. But I managed to do a little here and there throughout the day (between spurts of real work).

    I decided that I didn't like the hand painted gun ports. So, I painted back over them with the yellow paint.

    I also added some white to the stern area of the ship where the windows will be applied. The reason for the white is that I am using ...

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  5. Scratch Building HMS Leopard Part 6

    Painting and Detailing, continued

    I didn't have a lot of time to spend today, so a small update this evening.

    I began with the yellow bands. I did them free hand... Working in this scale, I suddenly realize that my hands aren't as steady as I thought they were! But these are passable. I've intentionally left the rear quarter of the ship for now. I'm still contemplating how I want to do the windows, so I'm keeping my options open for now.

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