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  1. AAR: Our ships were British oak, and hearts of oak our men - and nerves of iron.

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    The squadron

    The signal "All captains come aboard" had been hoisted from the mizzen mast of the first rate ship of the line, HMS Queen Charlotte and a course of action had been decided and delegated. It was followed by a dinner that had reached the desserts. Commodore Croft, the host of the evening, turned to Harrington.
    - "Your capture did save us a lot of trouble, Harrington! Now we have an idea of what the french is up ...

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  2. AAR: When the Fog Lifts - The other way Mr. Collins

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    His mission, searching for a messenger's ship, would by some frigate captains be considered boring work, but for Commander Peter Harrington it was a welcome change from his blockade duty. It was a frigate called Courageuse, a 32 gun ship as his own HMS Castor, and it had been sighted sailing for those waters. But the weather had worsened and before the sun set a heavy fog had rolled in. Despite a steady wind, the fog had stubbornly clung to the ship all ...
  3. Kevin's Battleblog: Diary of a New Captain

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    Hi all! This is my Battleblog, a place where I will record my matches, readings, and revelations on the path to unwinding the intricacies of Sails of Glory.

    I am a computer engineer by trade, but I fancy myself a student of game design. So when I start playing a new game, I like to keep a diary of my experiences, including notes and design commentary. I find that it helps to organize what I've learned and it motivates me to play more.

    Since I have the opportunity to ...

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    Design Notes
  4. 1. A new begining

    "Ship Ahoy!"
    "Where away".
    "Beaver", came the reply.
    "Side guard ready Sir." The Officer of the watch spoke nervously.
    "Well done Mr Ellington, well done". Came the first officers reply.
    As the boat hook locked onto the chains the bosun's mate began the shrill call as the new captain was piped aboard.
    Captain and commander, newly promoted, Jack Union stood for the first time on the deck of his first command ...

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    Captain Jack Union
  5. First game finale

    If it weren't for the comical movement cards restricting sailing vessels to crawling barely twice their own length in one turn, Aquilon repaired her masts and was able to race away in only two turns. Vanguard never did recover. She floundered. Aquilon apparently lost because she sailed off the engagement area and was lucky to get away., but Vanguard, sitting dead in the water, won.