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  1. (Developer Diary) A Glorious Chance: AAR of a critical turn, "Chauncey's Revenge"

    Turn 7 (8 turns in the game, each turn approx 2 weeks long, June-Sept 1813)

    The AI British started the game with control of the lake and a -5 VP score to reflect that [British VP are negative, US VP are positive].
    My U.S. squadron started to make progress with some amphibious operations, but in July the British captured a supply convoy and blockaded my homeport of Sacket's Harbor. It looked like I would have to fight a breakout battle despite ...
  2. AAR: Duty and Daring - Danger and Determination

    Captain Frederick Wentworth had been lucky. He had managed to take Océan, a 120 gun, first rate ship of the line with his heavy frigate HMS Indefatigable. Sure, the battery he took with the extra detachment marines did lend him a most valuable hand, and the leeward shore had made the enemy vessels maneuvering very limited, but he had done it. He had done the impossible.

    But now his luck had changed. ...

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  3. (Developer Diary) A Glorious Chance: A look at the combat system

    Originally, I didn't plan to include any combat in A Glorious Chance.

    "Whaaa?" you say, "What kind of wargame has no combat?"

    I didn't think think my game needed one. It was intended to be a player aid for tactical age of sail miniatures; a scenario generator that provided a historical framework, a wider context, something merely to set the stage for battles that players would resolve with their favorite tactical game.

    But as I designed ...

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  4. Chauncey the Chump (Or, why you should always patrol your homeport)

    The British AI really kicked my spanker last night...
    It was Test Game 2 of my Strategic Layer for A Glorious Chance.
    As the U.S., I had Lake Control markers on all six lake zones (worth 1 VP per turn).
    My effort to catch the British out on the lake and do battle came to naught last turn, so this time I tried a new tack:
    I'm ahead, so no need to take unnecessary risks, I thought. Plus, with the super-corvette USS Pike still on the stocks, I'd better stay close to home ...
  5. (Developer Diary) A Glorious Chance: The Naval Struggle for Lake Ontario, 1813

    "What a glorious chance to have cut him off and become at once masters of the Lakes and all their naval force at one blow."
    -- Capt. Arthur Sinclair USN, 4 July 1813

    The Naval War of 1812 on the Great Lakes raged for years. But never were the U.S. and British squadrons so closely balanced, or the stakes so high, than in the summer of 1813.

    Inspired by Dave Schueler's multiplayer tournament game, Lord of the Lakes," A Glorious Chance is a card-assisted ...