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  1. Depictions of the ships behind the SoG-miniatures

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    Two for the price of one today.

    Proserpine/HMS Amelia.

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    Proserpine was a 38-gun Hébé-classfrigate of the French Navy launched in 1785 and captured by HMS Dryad on 13 June 1796. The Admiralty commissioned Proserpine into the Royal Navy as the fifth rate, HMS Amelia. She spent 20 years in the Royal Navy, participating in numerous actions in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, capturing
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  2. Dry Dock storage trays

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    After much back and forth on the best design to hold rigged ships and finding a manufacture that could produce these trays on a continual basis, I'm happy to announce that the Dry Dock trays are not ready for pre-order on the Aerodrome Accessories site.

    Below is the layout of the tray. The three ships are stored across the top, the maneuver decks are stored to the right and the ship logs are stored below the ships.

  3. More Captains and Crew instead of ships!

    Hello, all!
    I was thinking that perhaps ARES should focus on upgrading the existing ships with modifiers like Captains, Commodores, Vice-Admirals, etc. rather than making new ships for wave three. My reasoning, is that there aren't many modifiers to the game that allow the player to employ tactics that would compensate for lack of firepower against a stronger opponent. I mean, wouldn't it be fun for the Alligator to take on the USS Constitution, or the HMS Royal Sovereign?
  4. 2. A New Command.

    On arrival at Gibraltar Jack reported to the Naval Commanders office and handed over his report and the sealed pouch. Jack was dismissed and told to report back to the office in two days. Jack had a lot to organise. His ship, HMS Beagle was just about afloat, the Spanish prize only slightly better. There were few ships in port and he took the opportunity to visit some of the local drinking establishments. His crew were taking in the ‘sights’ too.

    On the 2nd day, as ordered, Jack presented ...

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    Captain Jack Union
  5. AAR - April: Against the Wind - The hard lot of the Service

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    Commander Peter Harrington woke suddenly to a beating drum. The ship was beating to quarters. He had a new shirt and breaches on in moments and grabbed his vest as he headed to the quarterdeck barefooted, meeting the carpenters mate on his way to take down the bulwarks. He stepped out into the morning breeze and joined his first lieutenant Christopher Brandon on the quarterdeck. He handed him a glass as he ...