Union Jack

  1. 2. A New Command.

    On arrival at Gibraltar Jack reported to the Naval Commanders office and handed over his report and the sealed pouch. Jack was dismissed and told to report back to the office in two days. Jack had a lot to organise. His ship, HMS Beagle was just about afloat, the Spanish prize only slightly better. There were few ships in port and he took the opportunity to visit some of the local drinking establishments. His crew were taking in the ‘sights’ too.

    On the 2nd day, as ordered, Jack presented ...

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    Captain Jack Union
  2. 1. A new begining

    "Ship Ahoy!"
    "Where away".
    "Beaver", came the reply.
    "Side guard ready Sir." The Officer of the watch spoke nervously.
    "Well done Mr Ellington, well done". Came the first officers reply.
    As the boat hook locked onto the chains the bosun's mate began the shrill call as the new captain was piped aboard.
    Captain and commander, newly promoted, Jack Union stood for the first time on the deck of his first command ...

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    Captain Jack Union