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  1. Napoleonic Ship Wrecks

    Napoleonic Ship Wrecks
    I saw some wrecked 1:1200 ship wrecks on someone's website and thought I would try to build a few. The hulls are made of plaster. I found they looked better if I completed the masts and rigging first, then broke the masts.

    This one is a 100 gun 3-decker wrecked in battle.
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    This one is a 74 gun with ...

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  2. 1:1200 French (or British) Port

    For some time I had been thinking about building some terrain for 1:1200 Napoleonic ships. I settled on a European port protected by breakwaters and a fort. So over the holidays I had some time to devote to this. I ordered Langton buildings from Rob Eubanks at Waterloo Miniatures. Then I came across some laminate flooring scraps in the barn and thought hey, these could work as terrain modules. Each piece is 7.5 inches wide. So I cut two pieces 16 inches long and snapped them together to make rectangle ...

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