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    The 'top' photo seems to be the first Royal Sovereign, with the typical bow and sprit topsail of C17th ships. She was rebuilt once, and lost to fire in 1696.

    Her replacement was of a more modern form, lacking the extended beakhead and other details. She was still more ornate than the Trafalgar ship, and was, at the age of 22, was rebuilt ... it was this second incarnation of the second 100 gun ship which was Collingwood's flagship.

    Oddly this image also has a union flag, adopted in 1801, 105 years after she was burnt.
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    All books sound good. I will have to get my hands on the Hornblower set as I have never read them.
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    Thanks for this post.
  4. KDz's Avatar
    It's a piece of history A pity that has not survived to present days