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    Makes good sense. I make my own schooners out of balsa wood to represent American privateers. Typically the only carried 4 pounders which wouldn’t dent a frigate except at close range. I modified to only damage sails and crews. Any other damage to frigates and above are ignored
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    Quote Originally Posted by stoffelbier
    Why did you make these changes?
    Sorry for the long delay, I just saw your question.

    I made the changes because the sailing as represented in the base game are too generous. My modern boat can't sail as well as some of the square riggers in the game!

    I understand why the designers would do this. Their objective is to sell a game that feels like sailing to non-sailors.

    These cards are for folks that want to feel a more accurate representation of the performance of the ships of the period.
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    Why did you make these changes?
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    Thanks for the work, mate! :)