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  1. TexaS's Avatar
    It was a work in progress version of the first AAR for the Letter of Marque of 2016.
    Updated 06-05-2018 at 02:35 by TexaS
  2. Bligh's Avatar
    A most entertaining encounter. At first I was not sure if it was a historical report so well was it written.
    This really strong story line, I trust will be the first of many such for us to enjoy.
    Thanks for the effort you have made Jonas.
  3. Mabinogian's Avatar
    VERY cool. Rousingly exciting.... makes me pace an even bigger hole in the wooden floor boards waiting for my stuff to arrive in the post.

    How en earth did you make that really cool pirate skull and crossbones flag.... I wants it, I needs it, my precious *Gollum*
  4. Popsical's Avatar
    Huzzah! Up the British! Down the French! Good show Jonas.