1. Febuary: A Matter of time

    Johan Puke was wearing his big woolen coat with the large collar turned up. He was standing on the quarterdeck of his frigate HMS Venus somewhat protected by the poopdeck from the icy cold wind. Being armed with 26 guns of 24 skålpund and 14 of 6 skålpund giving her a broadside of 354 skålpund (332 lb) she could hit hard, her heavy guns being very powerful, but she was still great at sailing. Her maneauvrability and speed was comparable to much smaller frigates. The design had been made by Fredrik ...

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  2. AAR Après la tempête, Action of 20 march 1798, off Diamond Point

    The small British squadron, consisting of HMS Victory, HMS Superb and HMS Indefatigable, led by Admiral Croft, had been blown off station by hard weather, but the squadron had had time to prepare with hatch covers secured and top-gallant masts taken down on deck well before the high winds struck. As the winds had lessened considerately, the squadron, almost untouched, returned to their station against the wind, tack upon tack, with their masts restored.

    Admiral Croft's dinners were ...
  3. AAR - April: Against the Wind - The hard lot of the Service

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    Commander Peter Harrington woke suddenly to a beating drum. The ship was beating to quarters. He had a new shirt and breaches on in moments and grabbed his vest as he headed to the quarterdeck barefooted, meeting the carpenters mate on his way to take down the bulwarks. He stepped out into the morning breeze and joined his first lieutenant Christopher Brandon on the quarterdeck. He handed him a glass as he ...
  4. AAR: Duty and Daring - Danger and Determination

    Captain Frederick Wentworth had been lucky. He had managed to take Océan, a 120 gun, first rate ship of the line with his heavy frigate HMS Indefatigable. Sure, the battery he took with the extra detachment marines did lend him a most valuable hand, and the leeward shore had made the enemy vessels maneuvering very limited, but he had done it. He had done the impossible.

    But now his luck had changed. ...

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  5. AAR: Our ships were British oak, and hearts of oak our men - and nerves of iron.

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    The squadron

    The signal "All captains come aboard" had been hoisted from the mizzen mast of the first rate ship of the line, HMS Queen Charlotte and a course of action had been decided and delegated. It was followed by a dinner that had reached the desserts. Commodore Croft, the host of the evening, turned to Harrington.
    - "Your capture did save us a lot of trouble, Harrington! Now we have an idea of what the french is up ...

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