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03-05-2013, 21:46
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Originally written in 1906, the author recounts the Battle of Trafalgar by utilizing first-hand accounts of British, French, and Spanish naval personnel. The first 80 pages traces the events leading up to the battle, followed by 200+ pages covering the battle itself, with the remaining pages summarizing the aftermath of Trafalgar. Throughout the text are black-and-white prints, drawings, portraits, and battle diagrams.

What makes this book especially enjoyable is the amount of first-hand correspondence by the French and Spanish. Whether in the text or in footnotes, lengthy letters, dispatches, diary entries, etc. are included. There are many several-page long translations that provide real insight into the mindsets, feelings, and experiences of those involved. The text and appendices contain significant amount of writings by Villeneuve, some in French, some in English. One interesting section is near the end in which the author relays the experience of those living onshore, and their experience of the battle and its aftermath.

For those who are interested in the Battle of Trafalgar, this book would be a worthy addition to one's library.

Sea Gull
03-06-2013, 07:59
Sounds interesting. I'm always drawn to those books with the first hand accounts, the memoirs etc. rather than the academic higher level tomes that seem to miss the most basic element in war, people.

I'll add this to my list of "look out for" books.