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03-02-2013, 20:13
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Based on the Discovery Channel documentary of the same name this book of 200+ pages covers the Battle of the Nile and the archaeological survey of the battle site in Aboukir Bay. Much of the book is devoted to Nelson and Napoleon's careers up until the day battle plus general background on naval warfare.

The Battle of the Nile and the aftermath take up about 70 pages and the recovery of objects from the sea bed from three French ships (LÓrient, Serieuse and Artemise) finishes the last 25 pages. My only criticism is that I would have liked to have seen more in this last section as it represents new and previously unseen information.

Overall a nice glossy, coffee table book on a very important naval battle. The book was published in 1999, for the bi-centenary of the battle in 1798 and is still freely available.