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02-26-2013, 21:50
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The Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower Author:
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Fun and informative, this book is a fictional biography of Horatio Hornblower. The premise is that C.S. Forrester’s collection of Hornblower novels was not a set of fictitious stories, but actual histories of the navy man’s exploits; Forrester researched primary source documents at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich. Hornblower made a provision that upon the 100th anniversary of his death, a letter was to be opened that explained his side of a given story (no spoiling here – you must read it for yourself). The author of the present book was privy to the letter’s existence, but was unable to secure it from Hornblower’s family, at first. However, he was allowed to collect the letter, and in so doing, became aware of additional boxes of Hornblower’s papers. Utilizing the newfound resources, he set about writing the biography we have here.

The book traces the career of Hornblower from schoolboy to admiral: his ships, his mates, and his exploits. Included are letters written by Hornblower, and black-and-white photographs and drawings of people, places, documents, maps, and ships. For those who wished the Hornblower series had not ended, this is a chance to relive the legend himself.

I own this book, so if you ever need anything from it or others I have, please let me know. Other titles can be found in my photo album - Age of Sail Library.

Sea Gull
03-04-2013, 03:00
I agree. This is excellent, especially if you're a fan of the hornblower novels.

HMS Lydia
10-07-2013, 14:04
I have to order this book. I have all the novels. This is a must have.

10-07-2013, 14:09
I have to order this book. I have all the novels. This is a must have.

Hi Bob,

If you, let's kibitz on it.


HMS Lydia
10-07-2013, 14:15

You bet. Hornblower will always be my favorite Nap Naval hero. I can talk Hornblower for hours. I always hoped Ian Griffoud would continue the the A&E series. I know it wasn't just up to him. But there was still material between where they left off and the 1950's movie. I went straight to Amazon, was hoping to get it as an E-book but I believe I'll have to get a real book.


10-07-2013, 14:20
Bob (BBSuds) and I saw Ian Griffoud walking around at Origins. It is a great series, and I, too, would love to see more of them made. I believe this, along with a few other A&E series, were cut due to expense, despite being very popular.