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02-13-2013, 21:13
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Trincomalee: The Last of Nelson's Frigates Author:
Andrew Lambert ISBN:
978-1861761866 Category:
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Hardback Summary:
The author provides a brief history of the Trincomalee. Unfortunately, for my purposes and interests, most of the book deals with post 1815 events, and some of that is concerned with the restoration of the ship and similar topics such as how the ship was used for training during the 20th century.

The only chapters I found interesting were the first two, entitled "The Frigate in 1815" and "Building a Frigate" respectively. These chapters contained a few nice design drawings, some technical specifications, and color photographs of frigate interiors. If you are interested in Napoleonic-era naval studies, I would not recommend this book. If you are specifically interested in this ship, you probably would find this book an enjoyable read.