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02-05-2013, 11:50
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Trafalgar: Countdown to Battle 1803-1805 Author:
Alan Schom ISBN:
0-689-12055-9 Category:
History Format:
Paperback and Hardback Summary:
The author presents a significant amount of background material leading up to the battle of Trafalgar. He provides the political and military context for the inevitable fight, and discusses the major personalities involved, including black-and-white pictures of ports, documents, portraits, etc.. The section on the actual battle includes bird’s-eye-view line drawings of the ships positions and movements, and three appendices outline the chronology of events (1796-1806), biographical sketches of key personnel, and a delineation of the fleets involved.

I own this book, so if you ever need anything from it or others I have, please let me know. Other titles can be found in my photo album - Age of Sail Library.