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Capt P
12-07-2012, 15:38
Know there are some her for the Areodrome but others aren't. A friend found some WWII pictures and let me scan them. I just downloaded a few in my album. They are old so that is why I wanted to put them up for all to see. Since I am from Maryland here is a pic of the USS Maryland.

Capt P
12-13-2012, 14:52
I added a bunch more pictures from the pictures I scanned. Now have BB/CV, CA/CL, DD/DE/AUX's. These are pretty neat pics.

Comte de Brueys
12-16-2012, 09:45
Great source of warship photos, Bob.:)

Capt P
12-16-2012, 11:00
Thanks. Even though another era I thought those pics were something to share. My friend gave me a book that contains much information. It will take some tim to scan but I will post those pics when I can.