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Capt P
11-04-2012, 13:16
Posted this in the wrong room so posting it here. Bought a set of rules Blood, Bildge & Iron Balls. Hope the minis come out soon son can use these rulas.

Jack Aubrey
01-27-2013, 06:08
I bought the book too and I will play some of the rules with my "Pirates of the" minis from wizkids. Wizkids had good ideas, but Im missing the windrules and the differences between Schooner and Square-rigger...so I found something usefull in the book. I will classified my minis, without the special abilities some ships have from the wizkids game, use the shipsheets and make a mix of these rules; there are also rules called Line of battle; they are in german and a free download.
.........When I`m ready with this, SoG will come , with all those rules.......:D

01-27-2013, 21:26
Ulrich "Jack Aubrey" just introduced me to both the book and the Pirates … minis. I started collecting the minis, and will pick up the book sometime this week. Maybe we could get some type of game going while we wait for Sails of Glory to be released. That is one game that cannot come soon enough - the pictures look great and I already enjoy WGF quite a bit, so I have high hopes.