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Comte de Brueys
10-25-2012, 09:02
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Frankreichs Seekriege gegen England 1793-1815 Author:
Detlef Wenzlik ISBN:
3-931482-05-07 Category:
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Hardback Summary:
You can't find many literature about the Age of Sail in German language, especially the Napoleonic Age.

Frankreichs Seekriege gegen England 1793-1815 fills this breach.

The author gives a short overview from the birth of the French Navy under Cardinal Richelieu 1624 till the US Independence fight 1783. Main part of the book is the relation between France and England and the period between 1793 - 1815. All bigger actions are dicribed with focus on the Mediterranean Sea, expeditons to the colonies & Ireland, siege of Toulon, Abukir and Trafalgar. Very interesting - the description of the fleet status, commanders, crews and used ships.

Jack Aubrey
02-27-2013, 01:30
Hast Du es gelesen? Kannst Du es empfehlen? Würde mich wirklich mal interessieren.

Comte de Brueys
03-05-2013, 00:55
Späte Antwort, da die Buch Rezensionen nicht im Forum als Neuigkeiten erscheinen.

Ich habe das Buch und es ist sehr lesenswert.:D