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The Treasure Galleon
My version of the 2014 Campaign scenario, The Treasure Galleon, by fredmiracle:

Gabriel Parese considered himself fortunate; rather unexpectantly he found himself the commander of the French frigate, Hermione – or, rather more precisely the acting commander as the frigate’s commander had recently deserted and a new commander would take time to reach them from France. Since the flight and arrest of the King, the revolution seemed to be spiralling out of control and hopes of a constitutional monarchy were fading. Like the celebrated hero of the American revolution, the Marquis de La Fayette, Gabriel favoured a constitutional monarchy but he had long since learned the wisdom of keeping such political thoughts to himself. Aristocrats were quickly becoming persona non grata at home. So it seemed that there was some wisdom that their former commander had decided that anywhere else than France was safer since he belonged to a notable aristocratic family.

Gabriel’s father was also an aristocrat – one of the de Bergerac lineage of Gascony. However, this was a secret known only by his parents until his mother informed Gabriel on his 13th birthday of his father’s identity. It was his father, whether our of guilt or benevolence, that had been providing for his mother and Gabriel. Through his father’s connections and wealth Gabriel was appointed a midshipman and eventually ended up as the 1st officer of the Hermione. The one condition was that Gabriel should tell no one his father’s identity. This rankled Gabriel but now with aristocrats fleeing France like rats fleeing a sinking ship, he was rather glad to be known as the bastard son of uncertain parentage. So, no title and family wealth, reflected Gabriel, and no de Bergerac nose either.


It was hurricane season, perhaps they should have been safe in port, but the news from home was not good for Louis Capet as he was now known. Many citizens were calling for his execution. This disturbed his fellow monarchs. No doubt they were worried that their own countrymen might follow France’s example. France was already at war with Prussia and Austria. There was murmuring in Britain and Spain – war would surely follow if the radicals had their way. Their squadron commander and commander of the Dryade, Armand Lamontange, was one of the revolutionary radicals despite being a member of a minor aristocratic family – perhaps being a radical was his way of keeping his head.


Rumours of a Spanish treasure galleon had reach Armand who decided that as likely as not the next packet ship from France would inform them that war had been declared but by that time the galleon would have escaped. France could use that gold, exclaimed Armand. We’ll soon be at war so let’s strike a blow for France and liberty. Hah, thought Gabriel, as likely as not only one doubloon would reach the French treasury for every ten that found their way into Armand’s pockets. Avarice – looting was considered a virtue by Armand. So there they were – two frigates waiting to intercept the galleon. Gabriel scanned the sky. He could smell a hurricane brewing. How long could they stay on station he wondered, but there she was – the Spanish treasure ship.


Gabriel ordered the helmsman to steer the Hermione for the Spaniard while the Dryade turned away. Was that to avoid shoals? Or was Armand nervous of facing the galleon’s firepower. Perhaps that was wise, but Gabriel felt lucky. The Hermione fired first – some good hits. The Hermione had a good crew of lads from Gascony and the Vendee.


The Hermione swung in close to the Spaniard, carefully avoiding her full and deadly broadside. The Spaniard returned fire with her forward batteries. Some damage – but not so much to force the Hermione out of the combat.


The Hermione got closer – Gabriel could read her name, the San Hermenegildo. The batteries were re-loaded and fired with deadly effects on the stern of the Hermenegildo while the Hermione’s marksmen picked of the Spaniard’s officers. The brutal, aggressive attack of the lighter frigate must have startled the Hermenegildo’s crew as their return fire


The Hermione’s crew had tried to grapple the Hermenegildo but the wind shifted and the Spaniard escaped.


The Hermione gave chase – another salvo from the Hermione but with little damage to the Spaniard.


Gabriel handled the Hermione expertly – avoiding the Hermemegildo’s full broadside, but even partial broadsides could easily put the smaller ship out of action. One of the Hermione’s masts were hit. The crew moved expertly to jettison the debris and clear the decks.


The Hermione swung around and delivered a full broadside; and by this time the Dryade had either managed to work its way into range – either that or had decided that perhaps the Hermenegildo wasn’t so deadly after all. The Dryade added the weight of its broadside in the attack on the Spanish ship.


The Dryade was rewarded by the Hermenegildo’s full broadside. Hmmm….perhaps one of those cannonballs might have found Armand’s head which Armand so desperately hoped to keep.


Another good salvo from the Hermione’s crew. Perhaps I should have told them we’re not trying to sink the Spaniard, thought Gabriel.


The Hermenegildo fired on the Hermione but it was a weak shot. Clearly the Spaniard was in trouble.


The French ships moved in on the stricken galleon.


The Hermione was closer and moved in for the kill – a raking shot on the Spaniard.


The Dryade was further away but added to the Hermenegildo’s woes. Hoping to keep the Spanish ship afloat long enough to relieve her of the treasure, the Hermione’s marines drove its crew below deck – perhaps they’d surrender.


The Heremenegildo refused to strike its colours and the Dryade was still aways off. A thought came to Gabriel. The Hermione’s crew waited for this orders. Sink her, ordered Gabriel.


Armand was none to happy. All that gold at the bottom of the sea. Gabriel was sure that Armand would somehow make him pay for the loss of the gold.

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Victory against all the odds, and a spiffing tale to boot.
I am looking forward to the next enthralling episode in the adventures of Capitaine de vaisseau Gabriel Parese, Paul. :hatsoff:


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I have added you to the 2014 AAR role of honour.

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Victory against all the odds, and a spiffing tale to boot.
I am looking forward to the next enthralling episode in the adventures of Capitaine de vaisseau Gabriel Parese, Paul. :hatsoff:


The gears are already turning....:wink:

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I have added you to the 2014 AAR role of honour.

Thanks, Rob.