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This is the type of information available online- particularly take note of comments about drunken sailors ;)

Site is ageofnelson.org, auto spell correct mucked up header!

REPULSE (64) 3rd rate Built in*1780, East Cowes.
Lost in*1800.

1795 Capt. W. G.FAIRFAX, April/1795, In 1797 she was one of the ships involved in*the Mutiny at the Nore.
On 9 June she managed to escape from the mutineer's fleet, went aground, and was fired on*by MONMOUTH and DIRECTOR.
Several people were hit, including Lieut. George DELANOE who lost a leg.
1796 Capt. John ALMS, Nov./1796.
1800 Ditto, Channel fleet. She was detached by Sir Alan GARDNER to cruise off the Penmarks to intercept vessels going into Brest and on*9 March she recaptured the Leeward Island packet PRINCESS ROYAL which had been taken by a privateer and was being carried into Nantes by the French prize-master. The third lieutenant and ten seamen were put on*board her from REPULSE. On the same day Capt. ALMS was thrown down a companion ladder by the ship rolling in*a sudden gale of wind and broke one of his ribs. The weather had been thick for some days and they had been determining the ship's position by dead reckoning but the current had driven them so far out that about 12 o'clock on*the night of the 10th. REPULSE struck a sunken rock while doing about 6 knots. She continued striking for about three quarters of an hour and the lower deck was flooded before she could be brought to wear. The ship was kept afloat long enough to approach the coast and Capt. ALMS and the ship's company managed to get ashore on*one of the Glenan Islands from were they were sent as prisoners to Quimper.
Five seamen were drowned when their boat upset getting ashore, two others were drowned owing to drunkenness and four more were so drunk that they could not get out of the ship and they perished with her.
The first lieutenant, Mr ROTHERSEY, another lieutenant, two midshipmen and eight seamen put some provisions into the large cutter and resolved to head for England rather than be taken prisoner.
They managed to reach Guernsey after three days and nights in*gale force winds with waves incessantly breaking over the boat so that four seamen were continually employed in*baling.
Lieut. ROTHERSEY landed at Weymouth on*the 16th. and brought the news of the loss to the Admiralty.
A court martial held at Portsmouth on*26 June determined that Mr Rothery, the First Lieutenant, and Mr Finn, the Master, had disobeyed the Captain's orders and they were sentenced to be dismissed from his Majesty's service and rendered incapable of serving again. Capt. Alms, his other officers and ships company, were honourably acquitted.

1995, 2007 Michael Phillips

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