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04-17-2020, 09:04
This year's Missions.

Do look at the January Mission when I post it.
This is a good starter for new captains with a very simple theme.
Basically this year we are using a minimum of ships and captains .
The scenarios will deal with any theater of the war that you choose to operate in.
My own choice will move me from the Indian Ocean to the Med, with a new set of ships and captains.
For your own use I would suggest a variety of five or six ships.
My own will consist of a 74, 64, 50, two frigates, and a Sloop, plus a bomb Ketch for any special missions.
Senior Captain will hold the 74 with no flag Officer.
You may give one special ability of choice to this Officer.
For other Captains you may ascribe one ability to one of them also.
One of your crews must be raw. One may have a special crew ability.
I suggest that the raw crew is either one of your Frigates, or if only fielding one frigate, then your weakest Liner.
The choice is, however yours.
You may exceed the max number of ships or fewer in each scenario to fit your needs or availability of models as long as you can match the AI forces you field.
I will add a few special rules as we go along, such as those discussed elsewhere on the Anchorage this last year.
Things like the use of anchors, bow and stern chasers, fire by part battery, hauling ships off sandbanks, use of ships boats and landings with shore parties etc.
Feel free to chip in at any time with suggestions or ideas on improving the scenarios.


04-17-2020, 09:31

As promised I will now include a simple set of rules for anchoring and getting under way.


To anchor you must play the Anchor chit on the same turn that your ship has decreased its sails to backing. You may then deploy the anchor chit on whatever move you like as long as you stay on backing sails and have the men to carry out the action to anchor and furl the backing sails. ie two boxes of men left.


The turn before getting under way you must deploy the Capstan chit. One box of men needed. Next move the Anchor hawser becomes short. No movement. Move three Anchors aweigh! Set backing sails and move off at slowest speed using a sideslip card pointing off the wind, if the wind is not aft. You will need two boxes of men for this action. We are not taking current flow into account in this series of games unless specifically written into the scenario.

You can find Dave's originals of the chits here:-



04-17-2020, 11:04

I am indebted also to Dave for his rules set out here which can also be found in the files section with the chits.

Some ideas for Bow- and Stern-chaser Rules.
1) These could be ‘Optional Rules’ for the Advanced Rules Section.
2) When a player thinks that they may wish to fire their bow-chasers during a turn, they place the following ‘fire bow-chasers’ counter as one of their four crew actions:
3) During the firing phase this counter is placed with the red spot next to the black line at the bow of the ship. Range is measured from the red spot. If the enemy ship is within the firing arc it takes one damage counter. I reckon that two ‘long nines’ (the common bow-chasers on British ships) would do as much damage as the forward battery of 6-pounders on a sloop.
4) After firing, in the reload phase the counter is placed in the ‘special damage box on the ship control mat.
5) If the player wishes to reload the bow-chasers in the next or subsequent turns, the following ‘reload bow-chaser’ counter is chosen as one of the crew actions:
6) During the reload phase the player retrieves the ‘fire bow-chasers’ counter from the special damage box.
7) A similar procedure is followed for the stern-chasers but the corresponding ‘fire stern-chasers’ and ‘reload stern-chasers’ counters are used and, of course, the firing counter is placed with the red spot touching he black mark at the stern of the ship.
8) If the players do not wish to use firing arcs, but would rather just fire straight forward and straight backwards that is fine.
9) Should these ever receive official acceptance, perhaps Ares could include multiple copies of suitable counters in a ‘Captains & Crew pack 2’ or a Rules and Accessories Pack.
10) To use these counters under the Basic or Standard Rules, place these counters in the ‘Action Counters’ box on the ship control mat. When the player wishes to fire the Bow- or Stern-chasers, the fire counter(s) are played during the Combat phase as above. Then during the Reload phase the counter(s) are placed in the Special Damage box. During the Reload phase of the next turn the counter(s) are returned to the Action Counters box. The chasers may be fired again next turn.

04-17-2020, 14:00

It takes two moves to lower a boat, embark, and get underway. A boat holds one box of seamen so for a landing party of three boats; for instance, you would denude three crew boxes for the duration. Place the appropriate crew loss chits face down on your ship mat crew boxes. On the return of your boats remove the chits again minus any losses due to action. Those chits are turned face up and count as crew losses in the usual way. It takers two moves to disembark your crew and retrieve your boats.

Boats move one ruler width per turn regardless of wind and weather, unless the scenario writer stipulates otherwise.

If you wish to use an anchor for springing, or to warp a ship off a sandbar, time is as above, but with two moves at the deployment site in order to manhandle the Anchor into place.

The ship will move one ruler width per move towards the anchor, up to the deployment point, with its bow or stern depending on the circumstances facing the anchor. The other end of the ship will be in the direction from which it has been moved.

As you will realize not a swift process to be undertaken in a hurry.

04-18-2020, 10:50
SHIP DAMAGE, penalties and rewards.

The only rules for ship attrition in the Campaign are as follows:-
At the end of a game any ships who have suffered less than 50% damage or 50% crew loss will be repaired or crew made good by the next mission. Ships with more tan 50% damage and or crew loss will be in dry dock for the next mission whilst repairs or recruiting takes place.
Ships captured, or sunk by the enemy will be removed from your Squadron and not replaced for two missions. Ships taken from the enemy may be bought in by the Admiralty and used to replace lost ships or augment your Squadron if they have less than 50% damage.
The result of any ships sold will enhance the Prize money of the ships who took it and their morale will be improved for their next mission in accordance with the Ares Rules.
Any ship’s Captain who takes 3 enemy ships during the Campaign may choose a skill from the Ares list of Captain Abilities, if you so wish.


04-18-2020, 13:52
If using Mortars on Bomb vessels I can't do better than refer you to a post by Dave Manley back in 2013. The additions in red are my own. Rob.


Bomb vessels may fire mortars at anchored or grounded ships, or shore batteries and other specific shore targets.
Maximum range of a mortar is TWICE the length of the gunnery ruler.
Minimum range is equal to the length of the gunnery ruler.
Bomb vessels may only fire their mortar when they are at anchor (NOT when grounded)
To place a spring on a Bomb see my post 4 here. Rob.

To determine the fall of shot:
Create two decks of cards. the first deck comprises 9 cards and determines the direction of shot:

North West
North East
South West
South East
On Target

This works fine, but for quick games we only used four cards.
Over, under, Left, and right.

The second set of nine cards determines the deviation:

Zero (on target) x1
Very Short (C/D) x3
Short (B) x5

Draw one card of each type to determine where the shot lands.

For second and subsequent shots at the same target, once a very short card has been drawn, subsequent shots other than "on target" will be at very short range. Once a shot is "on target" (from either deck) the mortar is zeroed in and subsequent shots hit the point of aim.

if the shot falls on a static ship's base or a battery the target draws four B damage tokens. If a shot lands on a moving ship it draws four A damage tokens (but remember moving ships cannot be specifically targeted)

For a very short miss in front of the target we allowed one crew damage card to simulate shrapnel from the explosion as if the fuse were cut too short and premature ignition had taken place.
You may also like to add the option of the chance of a ship catching fire or exploding if a direct hit is registered. An extra card can be placed in the deck or the Ares chits can be drawn which is what Captain Kiwi and I have done in the past.

Bomb Vessel
Manoeuvre deck A
Burden 3 (stout construction)
Veer 7
Seven damage boxes on hull and crew rows
1/1/1 - 4 - 1 - M
1/1/1 - 4 - 1 - M
1/1/1 - 4 - 1 - M
1/1/1 - 3 - 1 - M
1/1/1 - 3 - 1 - M
1/1/1 - 2 - 1 - -
1/1/1 - 1 - 0 - -

(bow gunnery / beam gunnery / stern gunnery - crew actions - musketry - Mortar)

Reloading the mortar takes one action, as for a normal broadside.
If firing over an intervening land mass, you would need a spotter ship which was in view of both the Bomb and the target to range in for you by signal flags. In this case the Bomb may only fire every four cards.

This is as usual simply an option and you may use whatever you fancy from it. As far as I can tell Dave's rules are very well informed and useable for the purpose. Rob.

04-19-2020, 10:43

Here are the Logs we use for these operations.

Enemy/ friendly Infantry company.


Boat crew.