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01-22-2020, 13:48
January Mission.


With the projected attempt by your Squadron to effect a spoiling attack on the enemy coast, your Senior Captain has dispatched a Sloop to take soundings to ascertain the position of shoals and shallows along said coast. As protection for you a Frigate is covering the seaward side of the coast, outside the sandbars.
The enemy is aware of your intentions and has decided to intercept your ships and thwart your survey.
You may deploy as many enemy ships as you feel your two vessels can take on, and still win the day.
The enemy will approach from seaward, and must prevent you from passing the Sloop from end to end of the coast, and thus completing its mission.
No ship other than sloops may pass within the shoals.
Your survey Sloop must use backing sail speed to take soundings.
The wind is blowing directly off the coast, will not change direction, but may be variable. This change will take effect three cards after being drawn for.
The coast itself should be just within extreme range from any vessel hugging the outer edge of the shoals.

Use any of the Official rules you wish, and or parts of them.
Good luck with your survey.

04-16-2020, 10:41
Solo Campaign. March and April Mission.

Enemy ships sighted!

The enemy are stirring now that the Spring is here. Your Commodore has been tasked with watching enemy harbours for any attempted sorties by their ships. Unfortunately a storm has forced the inshore squadron off their station, and left only two of your Frigates to keep watch on the enemy. Aware that with the change in winds direction they may be coming out at any moment you position your two Frigates close to the southern end of the estuary from the port. This will force the enemy ships to try and weather the northern headland if they wish to avoid an encounter with your Frigates.

Your senior Captain now has a decision to make.

A. Does he take on the enemy ships with the two Frigates?
B. Does he send a Frigate to summon the help of the nearest ship of the Line which has still to appear above the horizon following the storm and then take them on alone to delay their escape, hoping for succour from the Squadron in time to save his ship from the ravages of the enemy?
C.Does he shadow the enemy with both ships, or dispatch one as above, and then shadow them alone hoping for the Squadron to arrive in time to prevent the enemy escaping around the North Cape?
The decision is yours!
If he decides A it will be a straight fight against however many ships appear.

If B, his accompanying frigate will leave by the western edge of the mat in an attempt to find the ships of the blockading Fleet. If successful he will return with the closest 74 on a successful card draw.

If C is chosen, he must either seek to delay the enemy in some other way, or shadow them and hope for the best and that the Liner may arrive in time to prevent the Enemy escaping around the North Cape.





Set up as shown on the table, and draw one card from the
Enemy ships sighted deck on each of the first three moves, but not until you have decided what action your Frigates will perform from A,B or C . This will determine the makeup and order of ships leaving the estuary.
Enemy ships must try to exit from the corner nearest to the Compass point printed on the photograph.
Any of your own ships will depart or enter from the mid mat edge which is due West.
Arrival of support ships. If a 74 arrives it will bring the searching Frigate back with it. The Frigate will arrive two cards before the 74. Two moves after your supporting Frigate has left the playing area draw one of the Supporting Blockade cards.


04-16-2020, 10:51
Enemy ships sighted.







04-16-2020, 11:01
Supporting Blockade.