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Off to a rough start?

01-21-2020, 08:46
He gets that at the start of every year just to remind him who the captain is Jonas.

Capn Duff
01-22-2020, 05:38
That will teach him to bring the Port to the Wardroom quicker

01-22-2020, 12:23
This year's Missions.

Do look at the January Mission when I post it.
This is a good starter for new captains with a very simple theme.
Basically this year we are using a minimum of ships and captains .
The scenarios will deal with any theater of the war that you choose to operate in.
My own choice will move me from the Indian Ocean to the Med, with a new set of ships and captains.
For your own use I would suggest a variety of five or six ships.
My own will consist of a 74, 64, 50, two frigates, and a Sloop, plus a bomb Ketch for any special missions.
Senior Captain will hold the 74 with no flag Officer.
You may give one special ability of choice to this Officer.
For other Captains you may ascribe one ability to one of them also.
One of your crews must be raw. One may have a special crew ability.
I suggest that the raw crew is either one of your Frigates, or if only fielding one frigate, then your weakest Liner.
The choice is, however yours.
You may exceed the max number of ships or fewer in each scenario to fit your needs or availability of models as long as you can match the AI forces you field.
I will add a few special rules as we go along, such as those discussed elsewhere on the Anchorage this last year.
Things like the use of anchors, bow and stern chasers, fire by part battery, hauling ships off sandbanks, use of ships boats and landings with shore parties etc.
Feel free to chip in at any time with suggestions or ideas on improving the scenarios.


02-29-2020, 09:44
Rob. Thanks for posting. I'd like to get in on the solo campaigns. Can you direct me to any resources on the Forum about bomb ketchs and the special captain abilities? Thanks! Getting a late start but better late than never!

02-29-2020, 10:18
First question is easy Jim. Here are the special abilities.

3. Ability List

a. Charismatic Captain (CC): When the ship has only one empty box in the Crew Damage track, the player may ignore the next two Crew Loss special damages. When a third Crew Loss damage is taken, it is recorded normally, and the ship surrenders.

b. Iron Captain (IC): When the captain is wounded, the wound is ignored. May be used once per game.

c. Lucky Captain (LC): Whenever a rule requires a random occurrence to take place, the captain can choose the result instead of randomly determining it. May be used once per game.

d. Intuitive Captain (InC): Before choosing a maneuver, the captain may use this ability to look at the maneuver to be executed in the present turn of an enemy ship within one ruler from the captain's ship's base. The captain must declare the use of the ability, and then check the distance. If the distance is more than one ruler, the ability is used, but there is no effect. Otherwise, the captain may look at the enemy's ship's maneuver. This ability cannot be used against an enemy ship that also has an Intuitive Captain. May be used twice per game.

e. Quick Captain (QC): When a captain's ship would collide with another ship, the captain can maneuver the ship sufficiently to avoid a collision or entanglement. May be used once per game.

f. Deft Captain (DC): After all ships have moved, the captain can rotate his/her ship. Keep any one corner of the ship is fixed, and the opposite corner can rotate by up to the width of the ruler. May be used twice per game.

g. Handling Captain (HC): When wind facing is determined, if the ship is in the red zone, the captain can rotate the ship the minimum amount so that it is straddling the red and yellow, and thus is considered to have a yellow wind aspect. May be used once per game.

h. Maneuvering Captain (MC): When maneuvering the ship, the captain can choose to stop at an intermediate spot along the arrow, and not at the end-point. May be used twice per game.

i. Steering Captain (SC): The captain can increase Veer by 1 for duration of the turn. May be used twice per game.

j. Aiming Captain (AC): When firing a broadside, and an enemy ship draws one or more "0s", the captain can make the enemy ship draw an additional counter. May be used twice per game.

k. Reloading Captain (RC): The captain can lead the crew to reload a single broadside immediately after it has fired. May be used once per game.

l. Deadeye Captain (DeM): When shooting muskets, if a "0" damage counter is drawn, the captain can force the enemy ship to draw an additional counter. May be used once per game.

02-29-2020, 10:20
For bomb Ketches this thread may be of interest.



03-15-2020, 07:31
Much appreciated, great stuff! I'm assuming I'll need a comparable fleet for the French as the campaign goes on?

03-15-2020, 09:27
You can use as many or as few ships as you have in every game James, just so long as the enemy has one more ship on the table than yourself of a comparable size. If you are feeling brave you can make the extra ship a higher rate than your own, if not do whatever you like. This is a very player led campaign.


03-15-2020, 10:03
Thanks Rob. Planning to grow the collection soon and just making sure I get what I need!

03-22-2020, 13:06
Very nice, i have returned.
With the actual crisis i will have more time for sails of glory

04-17-2020, 09:43
I'm intrigued! I'm still pretty new to this game, and have only 8 ships (4 British 4 French). Maybe I'm missing something, but can you point me towards the complete rules for a solo campaign like this? I seem to be having troubles finding them.

04-17-2020, 12:37
As such there are no such thing as a comprehensive set of Campaign Rules for Sails Adam.

We started off with nothing when Eric began the Campaign, and the rules were promulgated as we trialed ideas.
Each year the rules were amended in line with experience and the desires of those writing the scenarios.
Neil did a lot during his tenure to codify them into a set we could all agree and manage. When he gave up I took over, but had to simplyfy them in order to fit in time to run the Campeign alongside my Admin tasks.
The rules for this year I am still adding to, but as no one has yet played a game I'm not holding my breath.
If you just want to play a Campaign i can only draw your attention to all the rule sets here:-


If you would like to play this year's games, I welcome you with open arms and will try to get the final two addendums added in the next couple of days.
Please feel free to ask any more questions as they occur to you.
I just hope this does not bog you down too much. My rules for 2020 are very simple. The prime directive is enjoy your game, and if what you decide to do feels right to you it is right.

May you sail with a fair wind and a willing foe.


04-18-2020, 03:56
Hi Rob I should like to play some of the scenarios you are going to post but don't feel I can commit to the campaign so would play these as individual games. So no promotions, record keeping and such like.
I should like to support your sterling efforts but I'm already 2 months behind on the WWF campaign and don't want the pleasure to become a chore.

If I do this and actually write up the games would you prefer me to post in the General AAR's or in this section, I know for the games I did from the 2015 Campaign you said to put them in there even though I am playing them 6 years late and not part of the campaign.

Thanks for the info you've put on here and elsewhere in the Campaigns, I was printing a lot of it yesterday, including the rules for bow chasers you mentioned.

I didn't print out Neil's Abilities Cards as I'm not normally a fan of these exceptional abilities for games in general but I would appreciate your opinion or indeed anyones opinion on the Captain and Ships Abilities, do you find they add much to the game play or is it your actions as the ships Captain that provides the necessary colour and excitement?


04-18-2020, 04:42
Thanks for posting all this Rob! I will have my squadron list posted later today and will be playing the Jan/Feb mission tomorrow morning.

Any chance you could repost the enemy sighted/supporting blockade cards for the Mar/Apr mission? Thanks!

04-18-2020, 04:45
Hi John.
Do exactly as many or as few of the games as you please.
I am relaxing the rules, so as soon as any of you achieve a total five AAR's in any of the Campaign Years put together, apply for your medal. You no longer need to get them all in one year's games as we are now only doing six games a year.
I will be posting the very simple rules for Abilities etc very soon. Again the choice to use or not is yours alone.
Any imput will be great!


04-18-2020, 04:47
Thanks for posting all this Rob! I will have my squadron list posted later today and will be playing the Jan/Feb mission tomorrow morning.

Any chance you could repost the enemy sighted/supporting blockade cards for the Mar/Apr mission? Thanks!

James you should find them here.


04-18-2020, 04:52
Thanks John, but I'm getting an invalid link error.

04-18-2020, 04:56
Try it now Jim.


04-18-2020, 04:58
Working! Thank you gentlemen!

04-18-2020, 05:01
You can also find all the Campaign documents AAR wise here in the Stickies at the top of the page.


But they always copy better from the pictures in my album.


04-18-2020, 05:03
Thanks Rob. Seeing them now. I couldn't see them in the thread earlier, maybe for the same reason I had trouble with the album.

04-23-2020, 11:29
ok, i have read all the info now.
So i am going to Join with my squad sailing from the mediterranean area to the caribbean area.
I want to use the point system for my squad.

04-23-2020, 13:46
What ever you like to do my dear chap. If it floats your boat and you enjoy the voyage.

04-26-2020, 11:12

For the March/April Scenario, do you recommend two mats?


04-26-2020, 13:39
Sorry Jim, I should have mentioned, that is the standard we adopted for our games.:embarass:
If you only have one mat it is OK, but I would half all the reaction times on the arrival of reinforcement cards.


04-26-2020, 13:41
Two mats it is! I just played through the Jan/Feb mission with a single mat, but will be transitioning! Should ave AAR and pics up tomorrow. It was. Hard fought action!

04-26-2020, 13:45
I look forward to seeing it Jim.
Must get my own underway. I'm behind also with my Wings AARs so must pull my socks up a bit.

04-26-2020, 15:09
I look forward to seeing it Jim.
Must get my own underway. I'm behind also with my Wings AARs so must pull my socks up a bit.


For the enemy sighted cards, do you reshuffle back into the deck after each pull, or does he drawn card stay out?

What is he website for the Wings of Glory AARs? I have not given it a play, but would be interested in perusing.


04-26-2020, 15:42
You do not return any cards. Just draw three, one each of the first three moves. This will give you a minimum possible of one enemy ship and a max of four if you are really unlucky.

For your searching for the fleet ship if you choose to send one you just draw one card when it leaves the table and act on that card.

For wings go here:- https://www.wingsofwar.org/forums/forum.php

Welcome to the other side.:sly: