07-10-2019, 02:26
I created this section for us to have a place to show off all of our paint jobs, be they repaints of Ares minis or from any other manufactures. The official threads are likewise open to any manufactures, they are simply "The" thread to post photos of that ship type in so that there is just a single thread to go look in for each ship type.


When starting a thread please copy the format of the titles already used ie "Official 74, Sloop, etc. Painting Thread" and check the Index below to ensure you are not duplicating an existing thread, or, just to look up your favourite type !

It is preferred that you initially post threads in the Hobby room where you can give full details of your models and discuss the paints/methods employed - then go into the showcase & attach your favourite photos to the relevant thread, or, if it is a new type create a new Showcase thread.

Please include details of the manufacturer, paint colours & makes, rigging, and ratlines if used and so on for additional benefit of the viewers looking for help & inspiration and/or create a link to your Hobby Room thread.

Whilst we appreciate the excitement and fervour that this particular ship may generates amongst its fans I am obliged to point out that this is a painting showcase for the end product of people's endeavours and request that any queries, discussion of artwork, markings, modelling be taken up in the Hobby room

When using 'Reply with quote' please delete any images that appear in the quote as continuous repetition of images is very tiresome -

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07-10-2019, 03:57
Rob, I posted a first post to see if that's how you want it. Any modification you want to make, let me know.


07-10-2019, 13:14
Superb except if we could keep the photos down to maybe three or four main views Julián , as we use quite a lot of space on the server with pictures.
You have also reminded me to close this instruction thread.:wink: