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08-11-2012, 18:18
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Knights of the Sea Author:
David Hannah ISBN:
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An interesting book that leads up to the battle between the USS Enterprise and HMS Boxer during the War of 1812. It tells the story of Enterprise's captain, William Burrows, and Boxer's captain, Samuel Blythe, and the history of the two ships, as well as the battle and the events occuring during the lives of the two men and ships. The book is very inexpensive, selling for under four dollars with free shipping on eBay, and worth adding to your library.


02-01-2013, 16:35
Looks like a nice book!!!


04-14-2013, 14:37
I was just reading the older thread earlier today where you were discussing the book retailer price war when considering this book. Thank you not only for this concise review but also for the information on the great price. :hatsoff:

04-14-2013, 21:10
Amazon has some new hard copies for $0.01 plus shipping.