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01-17-2019, 04:08
Meantime here is some fluff.



02-24-2019, 13:29
The 2019 Scenarios and AAR's BY Bligh.
February solo mission 2019. Fortune favours the brave.

Your ship has been lucky on the present cruise, having taken an enemy Sloop. A prize crew is now in command and following your ship along the coast when you espy an enemy Frigate who seems intent on avoiding action heading for the deep water channel inside the rocks and shoals near to the shore.


The enemy Captain is anxious to avoid action as he is carrying important dispatches. He knows the coast intimately and is sure that he can give you the slip if he enters the channel where you dare not follow. He must attempt to escape by reaching point X on the table edge.
Your choices, are to cruise up and down outside the rocks, hoping that the odd long range shot may disable him, or chase him into the channel. If you do the latter you may founder on unknown rocks or sand bars.


You may also try to use the unarmed Sloop in some way. With its slighter draught, the channel should be no problem to it. However minimum crew required to handle it will empty two of your own crew boxes.
Enter the channel at your peril. If you reduce speed to Fighting sails only and take soundings you should be O.K. If you carry any more canvas you must draw a pack card each turn and act upon it.

One of this card in your pack. Draw each move if soundings are taken If you choose not to take soundings at low speed, remove from the pack. It may be reinserted at any time you decide to follow the instructions

Include four of this card in the pack but ignore if you draw it whilst you are sounding the channel at low speed.

If this card is drawn it effects the enemy ship.

To warp off a sandbank, it takes one turn to man your boats two to row out with your anchor, one to deploy it and a further two to haul off the sandbank. Then a further two to recover your boats. Six cards in all before you get underway at the slowest speed. You also lose one box of crew to the pumps for the rest of the game. This applies to any of the ships..

Capture the enemy and you win, let it escape and the result will pursue you into your next game.

Good luck, Bligh.

02-24-2019, 13:35
April Squadron Scenario. Flee! How they run. Captain Kiwi.

Based on the second battle of Algeciras (see Wardroom thread)


So that anyone with a small unit can fight the battle, only the main contenders are on the table. It is assumed that the rest of your Fleet is hurrying to catch up off mat and the enemy are running away as a consequence. Therefore, you will only need three of your own 74s just arriving on the table edge as chasers, and four enemy 74s running away, the back marker being just within extreme range of your leading 74, which should be your fastest model. If you don't have sufficient 74s substitute any of you Frigates as a match for either side.

Special rules.

As soon as one enemy is taken, the remainder will give up the fight and try to flee off the far edge of the table in the direction that they started.

Chasers may use a chase gun. Fire once every other turn, and score one A chit of damage. The chase gun will not effect a broadside being fired, but may not be used once general action has started until a chase situation is in progress again.

Any ships with rudder or sails damage will move on the mast damage cards until repaired.
Any ships with two fire markers at the same time should draw for explosion.
The winner of the action is those with the most enemy ships captured or sunk.