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12-21-2018, 06:08
Do I understand correctly, for instance, that if the player ship is upwind in the "A" arc, you use the first row of movement cards for the solo ship, but if the player were downwind of the solo ship, he would have to be in the "B" arc for the solo ship to use the first row?

12-21-2018, 13:33
Hi Dobbs.

The position in the wind determines which line you choose.
If the player's ship is in the A arc. when measured from the AI ship and if your AI is upwind of the player's ship. Dice for AI movement on the top line.

If the AI ship is downwind of the player's ship, the second line, red A is relevant, and the AI ship dices for movement on that line.

Hope that is more clear.


12-21-2018, 15:26
Yes, that is more clear, or at least confirms my understanding. :hatsoff: thanks Rob!

It is a positively ingenious system in its simplicity!

12-21-2018, 15:47
One thing you will find is that it is slightly easier to get a rake on the AI than for them to do it unto you.
I therefore always field one more AI ship than my own squadron has in a game.