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CMDCM Weisen
12-01-2018, 12:58
Just attained my release from a French prison (exchange) and ready to get back at sea. Looks like I just missed getting the coast and batteries accessories from the Anchorage Store.

Anyone have ideas for securing such items (in the states)?

Looks like Aaron has contributed significantly since my demise.


12-01-2018, 13:44
One or two stockists are starting to get them in England again Jerome, so it should not be too long before they start appearing over your side of the pond once more.

CMDCM Weisen
12-01-2018, 14:19
Thanks mate!

12-06-2018, 08:40
Just an update here, Keith has gotten additional coast and fort sets in. I was just notified this morning that my forts are shipping soon and I had purchased the coasts last month. I'm now setting at a total of 2 of each set which should hold me until I start building my own terrain. Get them while they are hot!

12-06-2018, 14:11
Mine all arrived today and I spent the afternoon putting chits with the ships which did not have them.
That leaves me eight mats for the next issue of ships, whatever that may be.

CMDCM Weisen
12-06-2018, 21:32
Thanks for the information... I made my order.