View Full Version : Entanglement rules

Comte de Brueys
10-27-2018, 01:52
Normaly I do not use this rule, but does it make sense to use it every time, two ship's bases touch each other?

For example if two ships touch each other in oposite direction, with full sails, maybe each should get a sails damage instead of checking entanglement.

...and maybe it makes sense, only to check entanglement, if the planed maneuvers and movement would end in a "hypothetical" touch of the ship's hulk.

Other point is, if it's possible that different ships types can't entagle that easy? (Alligator vs. HMS Victory)


Capn Duff
10-28-2018, 13:16
I need to check but .i was under the impression entanglement only checked when bases are in contact, just before movement after the planning stage. Not every time you would touch a ship