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07-25-2012, 23:15
The naval Battle of Öland took place on 26 July 1789 during the Russo-Swedish War (1788-1790). Having assembled 21 ships of the line and eight large frigates under his flag, Prince Karl, Duke of Södermanland decided to intercept the Russian fleet near the island of Öland.

The Swedish fleet came in contact with the Russians on 26 July 1789 just south of Öland. The Russians took the defensive position, with the Swedes making some indecisive attacks and firing at long range. Duke Karl would have won a signal victory but for the unaccountable remissness of his second-in-command, Admiral Per Liljehorn whose second division of the Swedish fleet did not reach the fighting in time, failing to follow orders to attack. Having met with strong resistance, the Swedes disengaged.

For three days the fleets manoeuvred within sight of each other, but finally the Swedes retreated to the naval base at Karlskrona. The battle ended in a draw, but the Russians returned east.

Admiral Liljehorn was put to trial, convicted and barely escaped death as his life was spared by the government.

The rival fleets:


Wladislaff 76
Enigheten 74
Götha Lejon 74
Kung Adolf Fredrik 74
Kung Gustaf III 74
Louise Ulrika 74
Sophia Magdalena 74
Fäderneslandet 66
Äran 64
Dristigheten 64
Dygden 64
Försightigheten 64
Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta 64
Manligheten 64
Ömheten 64
Prins Carl 64
Prins Fredrik Adolf 64
Tapperheten 64
Rättvisan 62
Wasa 62
Riksens Ständer 60
Gripen 44
Uppland 44
Euredice 40
Fröya 40
Galathea 40
Minerva 40
Thetis 40
Zemire 40


Rostislav 100
Dvyenadtsat Apostolov 100
Knyaz Vladimir 100
Iezekiil 78
Kir Ioann 74
Mstislav 74
Pobyedoslav 74
Prints Gustav 74
Sv. Elena 74
Sv. Petr 74
Yaroslav 74
Boleslav 66
Deris 66
Izyaslav 66
Pamyat Evstafia 66
Rodislav 66
Svyatoslav 66
Viktor 66
Vysheslav 66

Comte de Brueys
07-26-2012, 00:45
An impressive list of battleships.

07-26-2012, 01:50
Another great piece of info Bobby. However, I can't see my Russian and Sweedish Navies ever being large enough to do that one.

07-26-2012, 18:57
1812 - Frigate Essex captures British brig Leander.

07-26-2012, 19:47
1812 - Frigate Essex captures British brig Leander.

Leander was carrying was carrying a cargo of salt and coal from Liverpool to Newfoundland. Earlier on the 13th Essex had taken the brig Lamprey enroute to Halifax from Jamaica with a cargo of rum. Now that was a prize!