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08-02-2018, 02:59
The enemy are out!


A severe storm drove your Squadron away from its blockade of the enemy port, and they took the opportunity to slip out to sea with a favourable off shore wind. Now the wind has veered and as your ships close the land once more a Frigate signals:-

"Enemy in sight!"

You may use up to your entire squadron for this encounter, or as many ships from it as you wish, as you please.
The only stipulation is that the enemy must have at least one more ship than your Squadron and their Commodore must be in a three decker.

Normal rules of engagement apply.


As per the chart you will enter the usual two mat set up from the lower left and have the wind gauge which is coming from the SW. throughout the action.
You will see that you have the enemy fleet at a disadvantage trapped on a Lee shore hugging the coast and heading for top left.

To win the game you must take or sink at least two more ships than you lose. They must exit as many as they can upper left in order to create havoc amongst your convoys of merchant men using the trade routes.


The Commodore on both sides, may have one special ability added for the duration of this mission, and if successful may retain it from henceforward.

If your Commodore uses his initiative correctly you should be able to seriously discomfit the enemy.

Good luck and remember Nelson.


08-02-2018, 03:01
Sorry we are a bit late with this one, but exigencies of the service what!