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06-05-2018, 13:55
Per the scenario my ship, the Constitution, was to encounter three ships in turn, two of the same class and one of a higher class. I diced for order of entry of the French ships, and the results were 1) Bertin (56 guns/4th rate), 2) Dauphin (50 guns/4th rate), and Roland (64 guns/3rd rate). I was concerned that the Constitution might overpower the other 4th rates given discussions on this site about it being too powerful, but the excellent French gunnery made those concerns unnecessary.
Here are the starting positions of the Constitution and Bertin and their early moves (turn 2 the ship manifest card is drawn but not revealed per scenario).



At the appropriate distance per the scenario, a flag card was drawn randomly and the ship was determined to be flying French colors:


The ship's manifest was revealed at short range to be: a privateer/pirate that will fight! The ships engage:


The Constitution inflicts severe damage on the Bertin, but the Bertin has 3 crew hits on the Constitution -- a trend in this scenario that will have dire consequences for the Constitution.
Bertin runs for the open sea, Constitution at first taken aback, but then pursues -- the race is on!


The Constitution fires a devastating long range stern raking broadside on Bertin as she makes good her escape:


On a die roll of 4 to determine the entrance direction, the Dauphin enters from the channel due east Constitution turns to meet the new threat:


At long range it is determined the Dauphin is flying Dutch colors, and at close range her manifest is revealed to be a slaver who seeks to evade. Dauphin and Constitution exchange deadly broadsides (3 more crew hits on the Constitution) and the Dauphin attempts to make a run straight down the channel to the open sea as per her manifest. Constitution lays off to lick her wounds and repair damages, then Constitution fires long range broadside inflicting more damage, starting a fire, and one crew hit.



As Dauphin makes her escape good, Roland enters from the North West (again per random die roll to determine entrance point).


Constitution has only 2 crew boxes left (although only minimal ship damage after repairs), but determines that fighting with the crew that depleted would be a risky business (especially against a 64 gun ship) and turns to run to open sea, exiting the nearest board edge before Roland can close.









In the end, the crew losses for the Constitution was determinative in this scenario -- she could have fought on but devastating crew hits did her in. Additionally Constitution's poor musketry from the tops did not help her cause.

Capn Duff
06-06-2018, 19:25
Very nice aar, well done I enjoyed reading

06-07-2018, 02:59
Well done Bill. You are now ahead of me with the May AAR.
Very nice your islands look too.