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05-31-2018, 19:09
Here's an interesting 1 on 1 to try out..



Historically, Leander was outrun and outgunned. But she fought valiantly until the end. Captain Thompson received 3 wounds (incl. musket ball in thigh), and Captain Berry found a piece of human skull embedded in his arm. The cut and thrust of the day long battle makes for fascinating reading.

'ave it, Frenchie!

In my playthrough, Captain Thompson's skillful reading of the wind enabled Leander to slip away and carry out her mission. While the French captain (Louis-Jean-Nicolas Lejoille) appeared to blunder about like an amateur midshipman.

06-01-2018, 00:29
The captured ensign of the Généreux was part of a Nelson exhibition in Norwich Castle Museum last Summer. It is enormous.


Do you have any more photographs of your playthrough, Ken, please, so that you can give us a more detailed After Action Report?

06-01-2018, 01:41
I endorse what Dave said.
The full battle commentary says far more than a picture or two alone Ken.

06-01-2018, 02:15
Naharaht-Thanks for sharing the photo, chilling to say the least to see that.

I endorse what Bligh said about endorsing Dave. :drinks:

Let’s hear it!

06-01-2018, 05:53
Thanks guys. I didn't want to spam the forum on my first day. I'd be delighted to post AAR of future games.

That picture of Généreux's ensign does put things into perspective... huge!

The Russians kindly gave Leander back to us in 1799, at Corfu. We visited Corfu several times, but out captain never explained the reason why. We all assumed it was just for the jolly. the painting at the top of this thread, used to hang in the wardroom.

Three cheers for Captains Thompson, Berry and all the brave souls who lost their lives that day. not forgotten.