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07-18-2012, 23:56
On 19 July 1806 HMS Blanche, under the command of Captain Thomas Lavie, engaged and captured the French frigate Guerrière off the Shetland Islands. Blanche had formerly been the Spanish frigate Amfitrite and was renamed upon her capture. Guerrière would later become famous as HMS Guerriere when she fought an engagement with USS Constitution during the War of 1812.

On 18 July, Blanche sighted Guerrière. Guerrière was carrying 50 guns to the Blanche's 46. Blanche quickly closed the distance, but Guerrière, perhaps mistaking the British frigate for one of her squadron, did not initially take action. Blanche opened fire at about 15 minutes past midnight, firing two broadsides before the Guerrière could respond. A fierce fight followed, with Guerrière eventually surrendering at half past one that morning, having lost her mizzenmast. Blanche had suffered light damage and four men wounded out of her complement of 265. Guerrière had suffered considerable damage to her lower masts, as well as to her hull, both above and below the waterline. Out of her complement of 350, 20 of her officers, seamen and marines had been killed, whilst another 30 were wounded, ten of them seriously. Many of the French crew had been ill below decks during the engagement. Guerrière had been aiming to cripple the Blanche by firing to bring down her masts, so that the Guerrière might escape. When this failed, Guerrière was eventually worn down and forced to strike.

Blanche escorted Guerrière back to Britain, arriving with her prize on 26 July in Yarmouth Roads. Guerrière was commissioned into the Navy as HMS Guerriere, after a repair and refit that brought her to 48 guns. Lavie was knighted and Blanche's first lieutenant received a promotion. In 1847 the Admiralty issued the Naval General Service Medal with clasp "Blanche 19 July 1806" to all surviving members of the crew that claimed it.

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On 19 July 1545 the English warship Mary Rose sank during the Battle of the Solent.

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