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Bilge Rat
05-01-2018, 12:54
Troop Transports

Two frigate sized troop transports being escorted into port by the Marine Nationale are engaged by a Royal Navy Squadron.
French. Both troop transports must reach port.
British. No troop transports must reach port.
Two mats end to end. Coast and central river estuary at one (west) end (to be regarded as entrance to port) and guarded by one fort on each side.
Wind. Initially directly on shore but subject to normal rules.
British. 1 base length from East end of playing area. Frigates enter first followed by 2 SOL on turn 3
French. 6 base lengths from East end in convoy. Transports in center, warships either side.

Forces. (Suggested)
British. HMS Cleopatra, Meleager, Bellona, Agamemnon (398 points)

French. MN Alligator, Unite, Carmagnole, Commerce De Bordeaux

PLUS two 32 gun frigates (French or Spanish) with the following restrictions.
Only the full (central) broadside to be used (armed ‘en flute’) and broadside damage restricted to 1. (Plus 1 for bow or stern rake)
Musketry as per ship console (Troops using muskets).
Sails restricted to Battle Sails or less.
Burden and Veer remain as per ship console.
Points value of transports considered to be 25 each
(390 points).

Restricting the transports to slower speeds makes it necessary for the escorts to do likewise otherwise they will be at the mercy of the British squadron.
Transports armed en flute to enable more troops to be carried.
To make things a little more interesting an island complete with fort could be guarding the estuary entrance, making navigation more challenging for the French.

I havent tried this yet as it’s a bit of a handful for one person ....

05-01-2018, 14:16
At first glance it looks a very interesting scenario.
If it plays well could well be incorporated as one of our Solo games.

Bilge Rat
05-01-2018, 18:16
took me well over an hour just to set it up..lol

And there are still some chits to organise.

05-02-2018, 01:05
Seeing your set up is interesting Steve.
I like your backing boards for the ship mats , and I also noticed that you split your decks into the three types of card, movement, aback, and dismasted, as do I. Makes finding the exact card much quicker. An hour for a set up that size seems about right.

05-30-2018, 22:21
Please let us know how it played out, Steve.

05-31-2018, 00:55
Hear, hear.

Bilge Rat
05-31-2018, 16:27
I regret to say I was never able to finish it as the tables were required for ‘domestic duties’. The few turns I did play went well enough though I think an extra mats length would give the British Squadron a better chance of catching the transports. The other problem was remembering what stage I was at with so many ships to move. Probably would be easier for two players. The basic concept seemed ok with the French ships having to turn and fight, maybe I will try a scaled down version with one transport and maybe two escorts.

06-01-2018, 01:14
Pity, but I fully understand. It was quite a lot to take on for a first mission of this sort.
You will get better and quicker at handling more ships as you go on.