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03-17-2018, 11:53
Scenario One January 2018.

The sacrificial Lamb.

This scenario may be played as either a solo mission for your Privateer/ Pirate, or as a prelude to your Squadron missions of next month
An enemy Frigate has been preying upon you coastal trade with such success that your Squadron commander has detached two Frigates to deal with the situation.
Being a wily old fox the predator makes off to sea whenever one of your Frigates shows its sails above the horizon. Having had a marked lack of success your Frigates return to port empty handed.


A plot is now hatched. Using two sloops and an armed Merchantman. A trap will be set for the Frigate. Small enough of drought to slip into the em-bayed shoals the Sloops will conceal themselves, whilst an armed Merchantman crammed with Marines will disport itself, making stately progress along the coast.


Ignore the first two casualties among the crew on the ship mat to account for the extra Marines on the mission. You may also employ Carronades if you so wish.

When the Frigate gives chase the merchantman will lead the Frigate into the waiting arms of the Sloops, before turning upon its persecutor and discharging the Marines in a violent boarding action.
If and when the Frigate spots two Sloops it will attempt to run out to sea, otherwise it will engage one Sloop and the Merchantman quite happily.
Your mission is to sink or capture the enemy. Nothing less will do. Expect short shrift from your Commodore if you again return empty handed.
If yo do not have two Sloops in your collection us the smallest Frigates you have with Sloop stats.
The wind is blowing on shore for the entire action so positioning of your Sloops will be critical

Table layout.



03-17-2018, 11:58
Scenario two: March 2018

March 2018 Briefing. ‘ There are never enough frigates.’

Playing Area:

Whatever playing surface you can muster.

Your force of 2 SoL and 1 frigate have been tasked to intercept an enemy convoy.

The Enemy convoy is escorted by 1 SoL, 2 frigates and 1 sloop. (You do not need ships for the convoy but may add 6-8 ships, if you have then to represent the convoy).

Your Force: Enter at Point A in any formation. 1 ruler length each side of corner and up to 1 ruler length in.
1 Sail of the Line 3rd rate 74 guns.
1 Sail of the Line 4th rate 60 guns.
1 Frigate 5th rate 32 guns.

Enemy force: As displayed. Target is Point B, 1 ruler length each side of corner.
1 Sail of the Line 3rd rate 74 gun. (Temeraire class)
1 Frigate 5th rate 36 guns.
1 Frigate 5th rate 32 guns.
1 Sloop 6th rate of 18 guns.



Enemy warships will always engage nearest ship.
No initial double shot broadside or carronades.

Victory Points:

Ship burden of any enemy warship captured or sunk.
If all enemy warships are sunk; then enemy convoy surrenders. Add another 30 points.
If 1 enemy warship leaves at point B all of enemy convoy escapes too.

Union Jack.

05-07-2018, 12:00
MAY. SCENARIO.3 Letters of Mark

Under false colours.


Your ship is cruising in the straights between two chains of islands hoping to pick up any enemy vessels using this route, or Pirate/ privateer ships on the same mission as yourself.
You may also encounter Neutrals, Indiamen, contraband runners, slavers and such. These must be stopped and searched. Be aware that any of these ships may be under false colours until the moment that they open fire upon you. For this game that will never be until you are at close range. Unless you yourself are a Pirate, you may not initiate action until you are assured of the identity of the other ship. If a ship of your own nation appears on the scene, make your private number at long range and expect a reply. If no reply treat it as a hostile. Pirates will assume all ships are hostile.


Ship management.

All ships in play will have an envelope with a set of orders, but no markings upon the outside. When a ship is sighted pick one envelope at random from the pile. Once at long range, turn up a card to see what nations flag is showing. If it is anything but your own nation investigate, otherwise make your number.
Remember even friendly ships may be flying a flag of convenience to evade action with hostiles.
At close range put a shot across the bows and read the contents of the envelope. Then act accordingly.
Three ships will be encountered during the game. Two will be of the same class as your own and one will be a class higher. You will note that several extra envelopes will be prepared in order to keep the element of surprise. You may choose randomly from these when a ship appears.
At the end of any action the next ship will automatically arrive from a randomly chosen direction. Use a dice to determine this in any way you prefer. If you are too badly hit to engage a new opponent, you may seek escape from the nearest table edge.
Any enemy ships taken may be counted as prizes if you heave to and launch a prize crew. Each prize will remove two boxes from your crew for the duration of the game. Ships so manned may be removed from play or accompany you, but only fire as if their last two boxes are active.


Ships Manifest.

Print out and place in blank envelopes.

This ship is a blockade runner and may be engaged.

This ship is neutral and must be allowed to pass.

This ship is a slaver and will seek to evade.

This ship is an enemy and will fight.

This ship is a Privateer/ Pirate and will fight.

These last two envelopes must be kept separate and only one chosen if a ship baring your own flag appears on the scene.

This ship is sailing under false colours and will fight.

This ship is an ally and will aid your efforts in any following encounters.

Ship cards.

https://sailsofglory.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=37818&d=1525712063 https://sailsofglory.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=37819&d=1525712083 37833

https://sailsofglory.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=37820&d=1525712103 https://sailsofglory.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=37821&d=1525712121 https://sailsofglory.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=37822&d=1525712144


You may add your own cards of choice if you so wish.ie Russian, Turkish etc.

Table layout.


This represents the passage between the isles.

You may vary the wind direction after turn three if you wish to play those rules.

Good luck to you all.

08-02-2018, 04:03
Nation v Nation. July Scenario 4. The enemy are out!


A severe storm drove your Squadron away from its blockade of the enemy port, and they took the opportunity to slip out to sea with a favourable off shore wind. Now the wind has veered and as your ships close the land once more a Frigate signals:-

"Enemy in sight!"

You may use up to your entire squadron for this encounter, or as many ships from it as you wish, as you please.
The only stipulation is that the enemy must have at least one more ship than your Squadron and their Commodore must be in a three decker.

Normal rules of engagement apply.


As per the chart you will enter the usual two mat set up from the lower left and have the wind gauge which is coming from the SW. throughout the action.
You will see that you have the enemy fleet at a disadvantage trapped on a Lee shore hugging the coast and heading for top left.

To win the game you must take or sink at least two more ships than you lose. They must exit as many as they can upper left in order to create havoc amongst your convoys of merchant men using the trade routes.


The Commodore on both sides, may have one special ability added for the duration of this mission, and if successful may retain it from henceforward.

If your Commodore uses his initiative correctly you should be able to seriously discomfit the enemy.

Good luck and remember Nelson.


10-27-2018, 09:07
October Mission Solo Scenario. Letters of Mark.

"Cutting it fine."

Word had arrived by a fast packet boat that the enemy were about to launch an attack on one of the islands held by you. In order to recruit mercenary troops to bolster the Regular invading forces an enemy Sloop containing a substantial amount of gold bullion escorted by an enemy agent is to be dispatched at the dark of the moon. It will be escorted by a frigate.
As your ship is the only one in harbour large enough to take on a frigate you are instructed to sail immediately and cut out the enemy ship before it can sail and disappear into the blue.
Your ship should aim to arrive off the enemy coast two nights before the sailing is scheduled whilst the tide is on the flow to aid you in entering the enemy harbour.


Wind steady for the whole mission.

For the boarding party you have earmarked the Marines and two units of the crew. You may use any or all but one must be sailors. your ship will lose the corresponding boxes temporarily one for each unit card. If any card is deleted during the action, one box is lost from your ship crew for each mat closed.




Small ships boats may move one chain shot marker on the rule per turn. It takes one move to lower a boat and one move to enter or exit.


The enemy port is well guarded by two substantial Forts at sea level, and a boom across the entrance of the harbour.




You must try to escape detection by the forts and the harbour guard patrol boat when you force the boom.

If the enemy are alerted you will be fired upon after two more moves and the ships crews will return to their ships three moves after the first gun.

The enemy are positioned as in the photograph.

Silence is all. To establish if you are smoked, draw a card from the pack at each of the key moments. If you are successful return the card and shuffle the pack ready for the next draw.

Cards are to be drawn at the following points.

A. as soon as you are between the forts.

B. On forcing the boom.

C. coming alongside the two ships.

You will at this stage also need to draw from the bag to see if an anchor watch is on either ship.
if you draw a man chit then you will have to board against one chit as in a normal boarding action.

D.Still undetected! set your lowest speed sail and draw a card as you move off.

E finally draw a card as you pass the forts again.
The forts will not have first fire bonus as they are unready.
your ship will have first time and double shot if loaded. The prize may only fire each side once only with the single shot loaded by the enemy crew, and as your men are busy sailing the ship you will not be able to reload.

If alerted the enemy Frigate will get underway two moves after the alert and may challenge you at any time thereafter.


Card backs


Card Pack should contain four Success,


and two Disaster strikes cards.

Escape with the ship and you have won the game, the prize in money, and the ability "Boarding Captain."

Good luck!