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Union Jack
03-17-2018, 11:30
April 2018 Briefing. ‘ There are never enough frigates.’

Playing Area:

Whatever playing surface you can muster.

Your force of 2 SoL and 1 frigate have been tasked to intercept an enemy convoy.

The Enemy convoy is escorted by 1 SoL, 2 frigates and 1 sloop. (You do not need ships for the convoy but may add 6-8 ships, if you have then to represent the convoy).

Your Force: Enter at Point A in any formation. 1 ruler length each side of corner and up to 1 ruler length in.
1 Sail of the Line 3rd rate 74 guns.
1 Sail of the Line 4th rate 60 guns.
1 Frigate 5th rate 32 guns.

Enemy force: As displayed. Target is Point B, 1 ruler length each side of corner.
1 Sail of the Line 3rd rate 74 gun. (Temeraire class)
1 Frigate 5th rate 36 guns.
1 Frigate 5th rate 32 guns.
1 Sloop 6th rate of 18 guns.



Enemy warships will always engage nearest ship.
No initial double shot broadside or carronades.

Victory Points:

Ship burden of any enemy warship captured or sunk.
If all enemy warships are sunk; then enemy convoy surrenders. Add another 30 points.
If 1 enemy warship leaves at point B all of enemy convoy escapes too.

03-17-2018, 12:10
Genius Neil!

I had just been thinking of a convoy action but for the next solo game. Mine has a bit of a twist to it though. I will reserve that for much later in the year now.
Well done that man.
I also suggest that we give any contributor to the writing scenarios Rep from both of us to allow for the fact that there is no medal for this side of the Solo campaign. What do you think?
Also do we want to copy the rules from last year onto the sticky that I have just started with the AARs listed?


Union Jack
03-17-2018, 18:02
Might be a good idea. Perhaps we could have a rethink along the lines of the OTT campaigns on the Aerodrome and redo them?


03-18-2018, 03:28
How about having a look and picking out our favorite two each from previous years, not last year. and hold them in reserve in case we come up short?