View Full Version : Can you spare a paly mat?

08-15-2017, 16:37
I just got into this game, assembling over 20 ships in the last week. Then, to my horror, the online seller who said they had a play mat refunded my purchase and now indicates out of stock. My last two days have been fruitless searching for an acceptably priced mat.

So, a simple ask. If you don't play anymore, or bought an extra way back when, can you spare a mat? Willing to pay for one, just not my firstborn.

08-15-2017, 17:14
Hi Tom, I went to Joann's Fabrics and purchased an enormous sheet of marine grade vinyl. They had it in a royal and a navy blue. I chose the royal, but could see an argument for the navy. I just liked the lighter color. I like the straight vinyl because it has no lines, and just looks like endless ocean. Some of my friends complain however, as they are more comfortable with the surety of hexes and lines.

08-15-2017, 17:27
I use that type of vinyl for lots of games, but was wanting the official one. Appreciated though!

08-16-2017, 02:43
If it is any consolation, your Admiral here who has every ship produced by Ares duplicated for both sides of the card plus some more for conversions etc, has never owned an official mat.
I feel that the hexes not only detract from the look of the game but give an unfair ability to estimate ranges for firing. As far as Dobb's friends go i see there point, but the accoutrements for wind direction have always been good enough for me as long as the table was straight edged.
The vinyl which I got is over four times mat size and cost the price of one.
You can see it in use here Tom.