View Full Version : New book?

08-04-2017, 00:52
I just came across this book on Amazon and wondered if anybody had read it?
Is it a new aspect of the sea war in the Med or just a re hash of old material that we already have?



08-04-2017, 11:06
It looks interesting for certain. Unfortunately it will not be available until 3 October. I would give it a read for sure. Another similar book THE LINE UPON A WIND The Great War At Sea 1793 - 1815 by Noel Mostert is a cracking good read. It is based on the premise that Lord Nelson, way ahead of his time, knew the advantage of the Royal Navy and brought to bear upon Napoleon's inferior Navy to ultimately be the deciding factor in Napoleon's defeat. The book lays out the authors case in a well written easy to read page turning style.
Highly recommended. :thumbsup: