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07-22-2017, 02:41
I've started to check miniatures against my Line Chart for scale assessment, so here's what I've found.

SGN101 1777 Concorde 12pdr 32 - no draught for comparison, probably close to SGN103 in "oversize".
SGN102 1782 Temeraire 36/24pdr Large 74 -
SGN103 1773 Amazon 12pdr 32 - about 3mm (8%) longer on waterline; proportions look like good match to NMM HIL0231 HMS Cleopatra. About 1/925 scale.
SGN104 1760 Bellona 32/18pdr Common 74 -

SGN105 1782 Hebe 18pdr 38 - about 3mm (7%) longer on waterline; proportions appear to generally fit NMM ZAZ4909 HMS Leda. About 1/939 scale.
SGN106 Ocean 120 -
SGN107 Swan 14-18 - no drawing available.
SGN108 1765 Victory 100 -

SGN201 1803 Victory 100 -
SGN202 1797 Humphreys Superfrigate -

SGN109 1765 Artesien 64 - 4mm (8%) oversize; generally matches ZAZ1339 Prothee. About 1/927 scale.
SGN110 Portland 50 - 2mm (4%) oversize; proportions fit ZAZ1718 Portland. About 1/958 scale.
SGN111 Meregildos 112 - LWL bang-on to NMM ZAZ0042 Salvador del Mundo, but sternboard much too vertical. Cannot rule out SdM being refitted with a more raked sternboard in RN service, though.
SGN112 Bahama 74 - dead match to NMM ZAZ0763 draught.

SGN113 Mahonesa 12pdr 34 -
SGN114 1764 Ardent 64 -
SGN115 1789 Tonnant 80 -
SGN116 - no drawing available

07-25-2017, 22:32
Update: We're back to the Screen Vs Print Size Disscrepancy. SGN111 and 112 match undersize On-Screen, all others surveyed match Hardcopy. This makes 111 and 112 slightly undersize--the biggest problem is that SGN108 and SGN201's stern galleries should be reversed from where they are. 108 has the late-style enclosed gallery but early chevron gunports, while 201 has the as-built open galleries but the back-slash gunports of today.

I think the problem is a Windows issue that by default it wants to scale screen displays smaller than actual size.

07-26-2017, 00:11
I always find that when I am going to print cards I have to scale them a mm larger than the say on the screen.
I always thought it was a discrepancy with my printer, but maybe it is as you have discovered DB.

08-01-2017, 23:34
I think it might be because Windows always seems determined to print a border around the edge of every page.

08-02-2017, 00:08
David, you're referring to the printer-rescaling issue, right? I noticed that by default my printers always want to rescale to 97%... then again, I also use reduced margins, anywhere from 3/4 all the way down to a bare 1/4" around the edges.

When you've spent a lot of time in pay-by-the-sheet places, you learn to pack as much onto a page as you can... LOL

08-02-2017, 01:38
I also use narrow margins to save paper, especially for printing out Solo game instructions which I like to duplex onto one double sheet to save lots of messing about during the game.