View Full Version : Line Chart uploaded!

06-22-2017, 17:55
Just uploaded the current Line Chart (I still need drawings for SGN108 and SGN115, but other than that if Greenwich has it I've included it)--almost every ship in the game, all in correct 1/1000 scale. As I noted elsewhere, I think there will be some surprising discoveries in store... I was surprised to find that the Artesien 64 was not only bigger than Bahama, but MUCH bigger than Ardent, actually almost the size of a Common 74.

Based on this chart, I think we can retire the size objections on Wave 3 and worry about rigging details--the original scans these are scaled down from are the drawings I sent Ares to aid in model design. Bucentaure... we'll have to wait on putting that to bed until I find the draught again and update the file.