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05-01-2017, 13:01
This scenario was sent to me by Barry months ago for use in May. My feeble mind forgot I had it until I ran across it this afternoon. This is what he wrote.

May: Hit and Run

The morning sun has yet to rise as the river bank slides past you. Just ahead you make out the dark shapes of the enemy fleet, anchored in what they think is a secure river harbor. You signal your single companion ship and you both run out your guns. (Use only two ships) The incoming tide that carried your ship upstream has passed ebb and you can feel it trying to drag your ship out to sea again. The wind joins the tide in its effort. Your ships tack into the wind and you prepare to loose broadsides into the unsuspecting enemy flagship. To sink the flagship would be excellent, to cause serious damage less so but creating fear that there is no safe harbor in the enemy is your goal.

The scene is a river harbor, flowing from left to right. Place both play mats end to end to creat a river 26"x 78" 67cm x 196cm. On the left edge place the enemy fleet facing upriver. Place your ships facing upriver, towards the enemy fleet, one ruler in length away from the closest enemy ship. The top and bottom are considered river bank. The right edge is the safety of the ocean.

Wind is from the left edge (morning breeze), on turn 6 the wind changes and comes from the right edge (afternoon breeze). Ship speeds do not surpass full sail speed even if moving with the tide.

River rules
The tide has changed and there is a considerable exchange. The river speed is consistent with battle sails. Thus battle sails up stream equals no movement. Ferrying, if a ship is at a 45 degree angle to the river sailing upstream and is maintaining a course of battle speed (no forward movement) the ship will move sideways (ferry) in the river the width of the ship away from the heading direction. Example: the ship sails upstream at battle sails and heads to the upper left corner of the mat creating a 45 degree angle to the rivers course. The ship would not move Forward but would move the width of the ship towards the bottom of the map. If the ship is at half sail then the ship moves sideways and then forward as normal. Backing to the wind upstream is the same as sailing upstream battle sails.

Enemy fleet composition:
Rolls a d6
1-2 three ship fleet
3-4 four ship fleet
5-6 five ship fleet

Flag ship placement:
By default the flagship is placed the furthest from the left edge from the rest of the fleet.
You can roll a d6 for chance or put any number of ships between you and the flagship making it more difficult. The enemy fleet is preparing to set sail, at the first sign of battle they will cut anchor and be prepared to engage on turn 2 with battle sails and broadsides.

Sink or damage enemy Flagship
Sink or damage enemy ships
Escape with no damage

Victory points:
+3 Sink the Flagship
+1 Damage Flagship
+2 Escape undamaged
+1 Sink other ships

05-01-2017, 14:01
Thanks Bob.
I have copied it into the scenarios sticky.

05-02-2017, 11:39
Thanks Bob.
I have copied it into the scenarios sticky.