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04-11-2017, 05:34
Book Title:
Trafalgar The Nelson Touch. Author:
David Howarth ISBN:
9781842127179 Category:
History Format:
Multiple Summary:
This book unlike many about the Battle of Trafalgar centers on the experiences of the ordinary sailors in their day to day jobs aboard ship leading up to and during a great battle. full of anecdotes, reminiscences, and letters from the men themselves.
It provides a real insight into the fog of war as seen from various perspectives.
Add to this the information on the movements and actions of the ships during the action plus the circumstances which influenced the decisions of the various commanders, and you will have a very good understanding of the overall feel of the battle and its aftermath.
For anyone who has read Howarth's book on Waterloo "A near run thing" you will know exactly what to expect.