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Captain Kiwi
03-27-2017, 15:59
Se la vie

What looked like a simple chase/evade or catch action turned out to be anything but?

Two French Two Decker 64 gun ships the Artésien and the Eveillè set sail from a cove after taking on fresh water and provisions.


As they left the cove the lookout from the Artésien indicated that there were two British ships later identified as the 50 gun 4th rate Leopard and the 3rd rate 64 gun Argonaut sailing towards them.


Deciding not to tangle two experienced rated ships of the line directly, the French captain’s elected to evade by entering the channel on the port side taking them around the far side of the island and rocks.


The lead British ship HMS Argonaut already committed to the chase, prepared to come about HMS Leopard altered course with the intention of surprising the French as they rounded the island.


The French ships at this time were fortunate with the wind blowing to the north across the bows being shielded by the rocks and island. The French were sailing at half sail in an effort to reduce any sudden surprises. Both British ships were now in line astern heading in the same direction on full sail towards the eastern tip of the island.


At this point there was a change in wind direction resulting in a two point change to a north easterly one, this light change was enough to give the Argonaut and Leopard a bit more speed enabling them to reach the top edge of the island at the same time as the Eveillè.


The Artésien reacted quickly and sailed wide of the Eveillè once passed she turned to starboard in an effort to broadside the Leopard who had also pulled out wide to allow the Argonaut to come through on the Eveillè


Another shift to the east in the wind meant that the impetus was now with the British and the Artésien was being forced back by the wind this enable the Leopard to broadside the Eveillè and give a forward broadside to the Artésien luckily there was no damage to the Artésien. However the Eveillè suffered crew loss and mast damage.


At the same time the Argonaut and the Eveillè collided although there was no entanglement with the rigging.

Both ships decided to bring musket fire from their respective marines into play.


casualties were taken on both sides in particular the captain of the Eveillè was wounded.


Boarding then took place. The Argonaut after a couple of round s of boarding eventually took the Eveillè who also lost their Captain.


As the Argonaut prepared to board and take their prize the Artésien having evaded the Leopard joined in the melee.
Turning into the Starboard side of the Argonaut and taking raking fire from it.


The Argonaut after a short period of musket and cannon fire and with the damage already sustained the Argonaut struck its colours.


The Artésien boarded and claimed the Argonaut as their prize, and at the same time they attempted to retake the Eveillè. At that moment the Leopard arrived on the scene using the element of surprise and firing to good effect Leopard crippled the Artésien.


The crew of the Artésien then decided to make good their escape on board the Argonaut firing at and through the Eveillè at the Leopard to no avail they were rammed by the Leopard and boarded.


after some bitter close quarter fighting the captain realized they were surrounded by two ships one of them the Eveillè The French Captain gave orders to strike their colours.






03-27-2017, 22:01
Thanks for the battle report. Its nice seeing some of the new ships in action!

The 4th rates are interesting arent they, they are like larger frigates.

03-28-2017, 00:17
Thank you for a good A.A.R., Andy. :thumbsup: I like your island and rocks.

03-28-2017, 02:59
A very good AAR Andy.
I will sort out your E-mail for you.

03-28-2017, 03:04
Sorted, and I am also removing the E-mail address from the view of non members.

Comte de Brueys
03-29-2017, 00:22
Nice AAR with the new ships, Andy.

Beside the interesting combat action, I like the maneuvers of the ships before. The RN managed to turn around and get the French into a fight.

Rep salvo fired: :cannonboom:

Question: What was the wind direction?

03-29-2017, 01:28
As the other protagonist in this fight, I can tell you that the wind was from the South initially Sven, which was blowing from the position of the mats in the second picture toward the island. ie at right angles across the line of sail of both squadrons. It veered somewhat towards the East as the game progressed. As the British I had to wear ship throughout the encounter to get into an attacking position.
The really interesting bit was when the French came about. Being taken aback caused Eveille to head butt Argonaut. by the time she struck and was boarded, Argonauts crew had very few crew left on board to defend against Artesien. She struck, and Artesien's crew were just about to try and retake Eveille when some long shots from Leopard put Artesien out of action. We then decided that with so many crew left the French from Artesien would abandon her, cut Argonaut free and sail the prize away. The bad news was that Leopard moved off to intercept, crossed her bow and collided.

Trapped between the British taken prize and Leopard the Argonaut was retaken.
Not often you get the chance to recapture one of your own ships from an enemy one.


Union Jack
03-30-2017, 19:36
Superb AAR Andy. Nice to see the new Ares fleet additions in a game. Rep delivered.