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03-20-2017, 14:54
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Medals of the British Navy Author:
W H Long. ISBN:
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Multiple Summary:
Although the title suggests that this book is primarily to do with British Naval Medals.
Most of the pages relevant to our Period are concerned with the actions in detail of how the Medals or Plate, swords etc were won.
Most of the first 214 pages of the book are involved with Ship to ship actions, but the last pages from here to 266 concern small boat actions.
All are a fruitful source of material for games of various sizes.
The rest of the book covers the period 1840 to 88, and is of interest to those of you who wish to venture into the Med for this later period.
Despite its age: first printed in 1895 it is a very readable book, if you can deal with some quaint typos obviously introduced over the many reprints, or later curse of predictive text.
I certainly found some new incidents in this book and recommend it as well worth the read.