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03-15-2017, 03:08
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Trafalgar a different perspective?

Nelsons Trafalgar

'The battle that changed the world'

BY Roy Adkins

There are vast numbers of books on Trafalgar all of which follow the general theme of the build up to the action, some focus on the Flagship 'Victory' or Nelson in particular.

This book is like no other book on the subject I have seen or read so far

This book has covered the build up to the battle with numerous accounts from not just officers but crew from the likes of Powder Monkeys to Gun Crew and Mid ship men...
Some of the content includes acknowledgement of women on board the ships and focuses on one in particular who was at Trafalgar and survived to be over 100 years before passing away.

The book covers the considerations of both English and French / Spanish as well as trials and tribulations of the crew of all countries involved as well as providing a good level of detail in respect of the ships involved.

The book offers 350 pages of the battle,
10 pages on the fifteen chapters reference,
5 pages of the ships and their captains,
The book contains a number of recommendations for further 'selected reading'

As a relative novice to Trafalgar and reference / story books on the subject.
I M H O a book well worth the read.

Ensign Patch.