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Union Jack
01-22-2017, 17:19
July mission: Pox & Scurvy

The local Admiralty representative has called Sir Henry into his office. A merchant Captain has reported seeing what he termed as "A bloody big ship" with at least two other sails acting as escort, within two days sail of port, heading to their own harbour.

The Admiralty representative has ordered him to take his Squadron, intercept the enemy and take and destroy as much of their fleet as possible.

He wishes Sir Percy to leave at least one of his squadron in port to act as local guard. Sir Henry informs him that the squadron has been hit by an epidemic which is rampant within the squadron meaning that most ships’ crew are under strength.

He orders Sir Percy to do what he can and sail with what he can. The enemy must be stopped.
On return to the flagship Sir Henry quickly asks his Flag Captain for a breakdown of the ships under his command and their fit crew. He looks down the list, write orders and sits back to take it all in. He can muster enough men to crew 3 ships. Royal Sovereign, Northumberland and Alnwick. Africa, Dunkirk and Morpeth will remain in harbour all severely depleted in crew.


“Sail Ho. Port bow 4 French sail of the line.” Came the cry from Sovereigns crows nest. Sir Henry signalled his depleted squadron to follow his lead.


The 4 French ships turned away from the squadron. Sir Henry gave chase.


Northumberland was ordered to take the lead when the French ships swung round and bore down on the out of formation squadron of British ships. Sir Henry swore and ordered the port for’d division to fire.


The lead French 74 was hit but not hard.


Sir Henry ordered a turn to port as the French were caught in irons.


Neptune & Venus collided as Neptune fired a broadside at Northumberland and small fires starting in their rigging.


HMS Northumberland and Royal Sovereign engaged the Stbd formation of 2 French 74’s, Jupiter & Saturn.


A fire broke out on Sovereign & Jupiter. Northumberland was engaged by Neptune and lost a mast.


Alnwick turned behind Sovereign and Northumberland to use it’s speed to head off the lead French ships.


Netpune and Venus collided again with devastating damage for both 74’s. Neptune was holed and another fire broke out on Venus.


Northumberland turned to stbd to head off Jupiter & Saturn. Alnwick opened fire as Venus engaged Northumberland. Northumberland fired a full broadside into Neptune.


Neptune badly holed and suffering tremendous fire damage heeled over and sank. Alnwicks well trained crew reloaded in record time and fired a broadside into Venus as she past over the wreckage of Neptune. Sovereign added her weight of iron and Venus staggered, as she was holed and a mast and sail came tumbling down. Northumberland successfully turned and engaged Saturn as Jupiter sailed past her to stbd, letting fly with her f’rd port division.


Venus, unable to make headway with all the damage strikes.


Jupiter, having taken too much damage herself as she sails past Northumberland slowly succumbs to the damage and sinks on fire. Northumberland’s crew throw caution to the wind and board Saturn.


Muskets blast into both crews as the boarders fight their way onto Saturns deck but it is in the balance.


After a hard fought fight the crew of Northumberland take Saturn.


Butchers Bill:

HMS Royal Sovereign: 5 hull/3 crew lost. RTP
HMS Northumberland: 6 hull/10 crew lost. RTP/Captured Saturn
HMS Alnwick: No dmage.RTP. Captured Venus.

Saturn: Strikes after losing all her crew.
Jupiter: Sunk afire.
Venus: Strikes due to hull damage.

Neptune: Sunk due to multiple leaks and fire damage.

Union Jack
01-22-2017, 17:24
I thought the bloody French were going to sail off the isde edge but suddenly turned and caught me napping, well almost. The 2 top ships colliding twice really saved my bacon. Although alnwick fast reload also helped when needed.

01-22-2017, 18:16
Really like the Royal Sovereign paint job.

Nicely done, was the AI solo rules controlling the French?mor did you face a particularly devious, and careless captain?

Union Jack
01-23-2017, 08:22
AI rules. They just sailed away then sharp turned into the wind.

01-23-2017, 09:32
Very interesting AI behavior. Thanks for the great AAR, photos and commentary.

01-23-2017, 14:07
Well done Commodore.
That is what we expect from our ships. Outright victory.
See the Factor vis your prize money.